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How to Look and Sound More Confident


Confidence can be difficult to find sometimes. Because first impressions matter so much, looking and sounding confident, even if you don’t feel confident, can help you begin the journey toward success.

Here are some easy ways that you can improve the appearance of confidence.

1) Keep Your Hands Active.
Sticking your hands in your pockets indicates that you are nervous or uncertain. Keeping them open and active, with palms facing upward, speaks to an inner confidence.

2) Eye Contact.
Too much eye contact can be an indication of a domineering personality. Looking away when making a point suggests uncertainty. Maintain a comfortable eye contact by looking at a person’s eyes, nose, then mouth in an alternating pattern. Strong eye contact habits are one of the greatest non-verbal indications that you are feeling confident.

3) Finish Strong.
If you end your sentences with a higher pitch, it seems like you are asking questions instead of delivering statements. To encourage confidence, create full stops after each key point. Dropping your tone of voice indicates to those listening that you’ve asserted your position.

4) Speak to Be Heard.
Shouting has the same effect on people that mumbling does. It indicates that you are unsure of what you’re actually saying. Try breathing from your diaphragm, as if you were about to start singing, then speak in a tone that is a little louder than your regular voice.

5) Ask Meaningful Questions.
Confident conversations involve a back-and-forth with everyone involved. Asking meaningful questions indicates you are engaged. It is more important to be interested than interesting when it comes to confidence in conversation.

6) Speak Slowly.
Rapidly speaking can indicate confidence because you’re excited about the key points being made. It also encourages more filler words to be used, such as “like,” “uh,” or “um,” which can indicate a lack of confidence. Speaking slowly eliminates those filler words, allowing you to focus on making your key points with confidence.

7) Posture Matters.
Slouching or stiff movements communicate discomfort. Proper posture, with the back straight, shoulders back, and head upright, projects confidence. Good posture can also help your body deal with stress hormones more effectively.

You may not feel confident. If you look and sound confident, however, no one will know the difference.

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