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How to Increase Your Organic Google Search Click Rate


Click through rate is more important than organic rank. It is true that the former follows the latter. But it is also true that a higher click through rate will have a direct impact on organic ranking. The two are directly proportional. As one picks up, the other will follow. However, it is possible that a website having a decent organic rank will not have an impressive click through rate. This is primarily because what is being presented on the search engine page results depicting the website is not working. Here is how you can increase organic click through rate.

1) Assess Your Website
Always begin with an assessment of your website or a particular webpage. Check the click through rate and the organic rank. If the click through rate is impressive enough for the given organic rank or the organic rank is good enough but without a correspondingly acceptable click through rate, you may not want to change everything about the page or website. Only initiate minor changes that may entice more people but don’t make enough changes that will alter the rank or cause a dip in the click through rates. The real purpose should be to identify why people will click on a particular link.

2) Focus on Keywords
You should not use too many keywords or use one keyword too many times. People want authentic and original content that is easy to read, helpful and convincing. Try to reach out to your audience using an emotional connect and not keyword heavy descriptions or bland titles. Stating facts is fine but you cannot entice people to click on the link if you have bland statistical one-liners. You must be able to show that there is a story inside the article or webpage. People respond to emotional appeals, not so much to declarations of proven or unproven information.

3) Use Winning Headlines
Begin with a simple policy. A headline must have a number, an adjective or power word, the type of content and the context of the subject or the premise. This combination is an effective hook for the online audience. The number gives them specificity, the power word or adjective draws the audience in, the type of content tells the audience what to expect and then the premise is for descriptive purpose as well as relevance. This combination must be weaved bearing in mind the need to emotionally connect with the audience.

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