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How to Increase Traffic to Your Blog


How To Increase Blog Traffic in 3 easy Ways

Findings have revealed that blog articles increases inbound traffic to websites. This article relates the increase in traffic to a website and the frequency of blog articles.

It has been observed through research that for sites with no blog articles, they receive about 200 visitors per month. For those who have about 2 blog articles monthly have about 300 unique visitors per month and this increases to approximately 1,700 unique visitors for those who have over 15 blog articles monthly. This underscores the importance of publishing posts monthly.

Are you considering ranking your website in Google for specific keywords? The average word count for pages that rank in Google’s first 100 results has a minimum of 2000 words. Here is a list of word count and the levels on which they rank on Google.

Word Count Per Article

Word counts are based on the following top ten levels on search engines.

1. 2416 words
2. 2494 words
3. 2492 words
4. 2341 words
5. 2327 words
6. 2223 words
7. 2127 words
8. 2138 words
9. 2087 words
10. 2032 words

For articles more than 1500 words, there is an increase in tweets by 68.1% and 22.6% more Facebook likes as compared to articles under 1500 words. This implies that long and detailed contents should be developed.

How Media Affects Traffic

Images inspires the interest of readers of an article. It has been discovered that for articles with more images, they have 94% more views as compared to those with no images. For list posts, videos and images, there is an average of 17 in-linking domains, for list posts and images, there is an average of 10 in-linking domains, for videos, there is an average of 8 in-linking domains, for list posts, there is an average of 6 in-linking domains while for normal posts, there is an average of 3 in-linking domains.

As compared to normal post, list posts gets 200% more links while videos get 267% more links. When images are included to list posts, they get 333% more links as compared with normal posts while list post with images and videos gets 567% more links as compared to normal posts.

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