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Top 20 Most Used Sales and Marketing Automation Systems


Top 20 Most Popular Marketing Automation Software Solutions

Marketing Automation is a category within the business software industry that is rapidly on the rise. It helps in converting leads to customers there by driving revenue.

Platforms by Popularity

1. Eloqua – used by more than 50,000 customers.
2. Infusionsoft – used by more than 7,000 customers.
3. Hubsoft – used by more than 5,000 customers.
4. Teradata Amprimo – acquired with $525 million.
5. Unica – acquired with $480 million

Additional Platforms

6. Marketo
7. SimplyCast
8. Silverpop
9. Pardot
10. Action
11. Signal
12. Genius
13. Neolane
14. Manticore
15. Office Autopilot
16. LeadLife
17. Entreigue
18. Netresults
19. LeadFormix
20. Loopfuse

Capterra Popularity Index

Why is popularity referred to as an index?

Marketing share focuses exclusively on revenue. This is a problem because it is biased towards companies that are sold to larger enterprise. Rankings of software is dependent on the needs of buyers hence making it more difficult to rank these software. In order to measure popularity, Capterra collates resources that are publicly provided in order to identify the following:

• Number of Customers
• Number of Users
• Revenue
• Google Searches
• Twitter Followers
• Alexa/Compete Rankings

Most customers prefer infusionsoft with over 7,000 clients, followed by Hubspot with over 5,000 customers. This is followed by Terdata aprimo with over 1,000 custimers and Unica then Eloqua each with over 1,000 customers.

Hubspot has the most twitter followers of about 136,510 followers followed by Marketo with 38,333 twitter followers, SimplyCast with 32,066 twitter followers and Eloqua with 22,538 twitter followers. Infusionsoft has 21,247 twitter followers.

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