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How to Give Gifts that Make You and Them Happy


When you do something for yourself, you feel happy. It could be something as simple as getting a massage or pampering yourself with some goodies that you are fond of. Some people love gadgets, some like clothes, some prefer wines while some people love their culinary expeditions. Depending on what you like, you will be happy when you give yourself that. If you wish to be happier, then you should give it to someone else. Doing something for others, rather selflessly and without any specific reason will always make you happier. That is called the science of giving. Generous people are always happier than others. Let us understand why being generous or acts of giving makes us happier.

1) Humans Crave Satiation.
We want to be satisfied with who we are, what we do and what we have. It is when we aren’t satisfied that we are unhappy. This longing for satiation is not unique to any individual or a certain kind of people. It is universal. We want to live our food, we want to like what we wear, we want to like our physical form, we want to like the movies, music, our friends, our job and everything around us. Unfortunately, most of these elements are not within our control, not in absolute control anyway. That is why we end up being unhappy. When you give something to someone, it is the source of some satiation. You feel nice about it. A random act of kindness or buying someone a gift, doing something intangible such as spending some time or doing something financially will always induce that sense of satisfaction which will make you happy.

2) Like to Feel Good About Ourselves.
We take pride in our accomplishments, even if we are humble or modest about them. We often tend to see ourselves through the prism of perception that others have about us. Should others feel positively about us, we feel positive, wanted or loved but if others have a negative perception about us then we tend to see ourselves accordingly. When we give, we are obviously looked up to and that makes us feel wanted, loved or desirable.

3) Make That Moment Memorable.
It is well known that our life is marked by certain experiences, not by what we have done every day or by every little thing that we own. The milestones of any life are those sporadic moments of unforgettable acts or experiences.

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