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How to Get More Tumblr Likes and Comments


Here are the key points to keep in mind from this infographic…

1) The number of photos.
When reviewing the data behind Tumblr, a clear preference towards photos appears. When reviewing over 320,000 Tumblr posts, the majority of posts included some kind of photo. In fact, this accounts for about 83% of all data sent over the site. The next most common type was text, which made up only 9.6%. All other kinds fell within the remaining 7.4%. Simply put, this should emphasize the obvious and focus on photos.

2) The importance of photos.
Tumblr plays host to a variety of conversation types that can be quantified and tracked. By identifying these conversation types, we can examine what post types received a greater then average number of notes. Conversations structured as a question that requested an answer from users provided the fewest number of notes when compared to the average. In addition, links, text, audio, and video chat also received fewer notes then the average. Only quotes and photos had a greater then average level of notes associated with their posts. As notes are central to the interest surrounding your post, a photo is crucial.

Along with increasing the number of notes, photos provide an additional benefit. When looking at the statistics, those individuals with more photos tended to have more comments and likes. While the majority of accounts had either 0 or 1 photo, those who had more then 1 received greater then average response. This range went as high as 50% above the average responses for those with 6, 8, and 9 photos. Why these numbers in particular had above average responses is not yet known.

3) The importance of tags.
Focusing on the right tags is a proven way to increase viewership. The role of tags is to not only give the name of the photo directly, but to find words that would describe the photo. These descriptive words help to find those who may not be looking for your photo directly, but would otherwise be happy to stumble upon it while searching through Tumblr. Along with describing aspects of the photograph, it may also help to add words describing the type of photo as well. With a tag like gifs or png, you can add even more searchable tags that increase the number of ways that people can find you.

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