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How to Start a Payday Loan Business Online

The world of payday loans is extremely lucrative. Some businesses are able to charge an APR of 925% on their loan products. The average person in the United States will pay over $700 in total from a $325 loan. How many other business opportunities give you the chance to double your money with one investment?

Not many. That’s why knowing how to start a payday loan business online can be lucrative knowledge to have. It all begins with securing the amount of capital that you’re going to need. In this business, it really does take money to make money. You can secure this capital through private funds you already have, from financial institution lending, or through partnerships, equity investments, and other capital fundraising efforts.

1. Think About Your Business Structure Before Beginning.

You don’t actually need to have a full payday loan business online in order to make money today. There are many payday loan agencies that have affiliate programs in place where they’ll pay you a fixed amount [sometimes as high as $25] to refer customers to them. This gives you a payday without needing to worry about the capital requirements.

2. Have a Secure Commercial Location to Start Your Business.

Your commercial location is going to help protect your business interests and your employees. You will need to have operational space that is easy enough for customers to access, yet still be large enough to give you enough space to design a secure counter. In high risk areas, you may even wish to install laminate or bulletproof glass to sit behind so that customers with not so honorable intentions won’t have easy access to your cash. It may be tempting to run this type of business at home using digital funds, but most residential zoning requirements forbid this type of business from occurring.

3. Be Aware of What You Can Legally Do with Your Business.

Different states have different requirements for payday loan businesses to legally operate. Some limit the amount of interest that can be charged. Others limit the types of loans that you will be able to offer. The fines for violating these laws can be quite extensive and claiming no knowledge of them is not considered a justifiable defense.

4. Bring in a Lawyer.

Every loan that you agree to hand out is a contract. This means you’ll need to have agreements that are iron-clad to protect your interests. If there are any loopholes in your contract language, a customer could use them to get out of paying you back or returning the full amount plus interest. Make sure you spell out all of the terms and conditions of the loan agreement and be very specific about the follow-up actions that will occur if someone defaults on their payday loan product.

5. Make Sure That You Market Yourself.

The online payday loan business is a highly competitive industry. You’re going to need to do more than just open up your online doors for business. You’ll need to optimize your site for payday loan keywords, cross-market with other businesses to gain higher levels of exposure, and even consider advertising through local media sources. A certain percentage of your capital and your revenues should be set aside to manage your advertising and marketing costs.

6. Screen Your Customers.

You don’t want to just hand out money to everyone who wants it. You’ll need to determine customer eligibility. Ask for copies of a tax return, employment verification, and other identification materials that will help you research an individual and keep you out of legal trouble.

7. Keep at Least Two Month’s Worth of Capital on Hand.

Estimate what your loan volume will be and then keep at least 60 days worth of capital in easily accessible accounts available to you so that enough liquid capital exists to meet needs. Plan on reinvesting your profits back into your business for at least the first 6 months. At that point, you should be financially stable enough to start taking profits out of the business.

8. Always Communicate.

Your customers must know exactly what they are agreeing to take on in the payday loan business. Have everything spelled out for each customer so there is no confusion. This will help to limit the liabilities you may face afterward.

Knowing how to start a payday loan business online can help you meet your financial goals quickly and effectively. Use these tips today to get your own business started and your future may be bright indeed.

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