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How to Configure Privacy on Google Plus

How to Configure Privacy on Google Plus

Configure Your Privacy on Google+

Launched in 2011, Google+ has become a social network priding itself on the more exclusive and privacy orientated social network than Facebook. Their invitation only program has climbed to over 10 million with more than 1 billion daily shares. If you are concerned that cybercriminals will start to direct their attention to Google+ as a new target, here are 6 steps to configuring your privacy on Google+.

1. Set up Circles

Google+ has the ability for information to be created and shared with different groups of friends you place within social circles. This allows you to create private information that is only shared among those in the network you choose to share it with.

2. Lockdown Your Profile

By default, your profile will be set to public and viewable by anyone on the web. If you wish to lockdown your profile, you can change your settings to only include people in your circles.

3. Restrict Search Visibility

Another default setting is the ability for your profile to appear in search results. This setting can be changes at anytime if you do not want Google or other search engines to index your profile.

4. Lock Down Other Privacy Settings

Additional privacy settings exist that do not seem obvious at first glance. This includes the ability to limit who can see other people in your circles, who can send you email, and blocking users.

5. Stream to the Right Circles

When creating a new post, you can select the option of what circles you want the information shared to. Additionally by default, Google+ will remember these groups and use the same groups in your next post unless you change it.

6. Keep In Mind Posts Can Appear as Public

When you comment on other friends posts, their privacy settings may be set to anyone who can see someone comments on their post. Therefore, your comments may be out in the option.

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