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13 Best Tips for Successful Blogging

13 Best Tips for Successful Blogging

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10 Tips to Becoming a Successful Blogger

A list of ten tips to follow to become a successful blogger and grow your viewers and traffic.

1. Blog Theme

The first question bloggers ask themselves is what to blog about? To answer this question, blog about what interests you. Topics such as how you are a better chef than Anthony Bourdain or latest celebrity gossip will help you give an overall theme to your blog.

2. The Perfect URL

Wonder what your URL should be? Do a search for clever name but do not fret if they are all taken. Do a search for less clever names. If you luck out, settle for a not so clever name. Be careful not to mash up names that can be read as something else when combined. Stay away from ridiculously long URLs or strange country code endings.

3. SEO

Once you have your URL, you need to think about SEO. Do not overstuff your content with keywords by using the same word over and over again. Ensure your title has something to do with your actual content and subject. Add in Meta tags and strive for link sharing with other related sites.

4. Blog Content

If you want to become a content writer than come up with a great idea that a bazillion other bloggers haven’t done yet. Do not just copy and paste from other site, but instead write unique content and hope someone will read it. Consider what your readers may find of interest to them.

5. Graphics

When considering what images you should use, be sure to not perform copyright infringement. Do not spend so much time taking your own photos that you are left with no time to write. You can pay for stock photography or support your blogging habit by becoming a full time photographer.

6. Blog Template

There are many templates to choose from when creating your blog site. You can choose from a newspaper column style headline or personal diary style. Or add in a bit of your own personal style, even if it includes something pink with cupcakes.

7. Share My Content

Try to make yourself more socialable. Customize your own social share buttons and use images related to your content. Embed a Facebook plugin with your friends and profile pictures. Add in a RSS feed and put in a “Tweet This” button following your catch phrases.

8. Make Money

After all this time and effort, how do you make money from blogging? You can add banners, use Google AdSense to generate additional revenue, or place in-text advertising and integrate double underlining links to turn your content into cash. Think about an affiliate program where you can make additional income as well.

9. Bring More Traffic

One thing every blogger strives for is bringing more traffic to their page. Keep plugging your blog into your Facebook and find other like-minded blogs and comment there. Pass out business cards and tell your co-workers to visit your site as well.

10. About Page

Writing about the person behind the screen can sometimes be harder than writing the actual blog content for your site. Put up a professional photo of you or hire a professional animator to design a comic strip of you and make the about page fun. You can choose to write nothing but what fun would that be.

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