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How to Become the Highest Viewed Video on YouTube and Vimeo

How to Become the Highest Viewed Video on YouTube and Vimeo

Increase Your Video Viewership

Cost-effective marketing is essential for your products, and a video is one of the most cost-effective options out there. To market your product, you decide to create a video to go with it. But before you do that, do you homework on what people actually watch. It is futile to make a video that people rarely click on or don’t watch all the way through. The video length, placement on the webpage, thumbnail and textual content surrounding your video can all impact your viewership. Read on to optimize your video viewership.

Market Statistics

According to a study conducted by Wistia, the average video viewer attention span is about 30 seconds. Longer videos are either not clicked on or not watched all the way through. 30-second videos work well if your product is relatively easy to explain. Jam-pack those first 30 seconds with bold, information-packed content. Every clip should contain a piece of new information to your consumer. This will keep your potential customer engaged and watching your video rather than pushing that back button and going on to the next video on the page.

If your product is relatively complicated, it may be difficult for you to stay within 30 seconds. That is okay; don’t despair. Just frontload your video with the main points of your message and then get into the nitty gritty of how your product works after the first 30 seconds. This way, the viewers who do stop watching have already heard your main points.

Engage Your Viewers

Remember, understanding your viewer and his or her motivation for watching your video is key to increasing your viewership. What are you customers looking for? Answer their questions directly in your video. Be clear and concise. Try to use as few words as you can to explain as much as possible. Keep in mind that people like learning about other people. Try to sprinkle some personal experiences into your video to help your viewers connect you product with your face and who you are.

Play Rate

One more factor to consider is your video’s play rate. Your play rate is the number of new and different users who press play on your video. Your play rate can be increased by several factors. Increase your video play rate by placing your video near the beginning of your webpage. If readers don’t have to scroll down to click on your video, they are more likely to watch it. The thumbnail you include for your video is also a key selling point. Make the thumbnail the most engaging shot in your entire video; this thumbnail is your viewer’s first impression of your video and it should be a good one.

Load Time

To further increase your play rate, make sure that your video is easy to load. If your video is huge and takes forever to load on the screen, your viewer is just going to get frustrated and close out the video pop-up. Make your video file small and easily loadable. This circles back around to that 30-seconds rule. 30 seconds videos are smaller and therefore easier to load without much buffering.

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