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Best Badges for Websites and Products

Best Badges for Websites and Products

Are You Using Product Badges?

What makes the internet such a successful global marketing commodity is the fact that it is a visual construct. Graphics correspond with important information and for most adults, corresponding graphics help them to be able to better process the information you want to get across to them. Not only does this provide an excellent user experience for a website, but it can help to increase sales. With product badges, a simple graphic that corresponds with product information, retailers are seeing an increase in sales of up to 55%! If you aren’t incorporating product badges onto your site, you’re losing out on business, plain and simple.

Why Do Product Badges Work So Well?

One of the primary reasons why product badges are so effective is that they help to direct a user to a specific product or service they want to purchase. If people can’t find the product they want from you, they’re only going to dedicate so much time to looking for it. It’s like walking into a store and having a salesperson help direct a customer to a specific location in the store so they can pick up what they need and then move onto their next chore. Product badges make that process easy.

Graphics are also an easy way to incorporate extra sales links into a product description. As a retailer, you want to make it as easy as possible for someone to be able to purchase the exact products they want. A simple link can be included in the coding of a product badge to add a product to that customer’s e-commerce cart with one click convenience, making the sales process virtually painless.

Badges are also an easy way to give that little touch of extra value your targeted visitors may need to convert into customers. Value is what ultimately drives business – if your product has a perceived value and it delivers real value to a customer, then you’ll create brand loyalty and a business relationship that will pay off time and time again. Product badges may just give a small snippet of added value… but often that’s the only thing that’s needed.

Which Product Badge Practice Is Right For You?

There are countless ways of putting product badges on your website and what may work for one shopkeeper won’t work for another one. The key to being successful with product badges is to just stick with it! Keep testing different styles and information until you hit upon a successful combination. Don’t be afraid to change things up for the holidays either, because as you know, holidays drive sales throughout the year. Most importantly, however, talk to the visitors of your website through your product badges as if they had just walked into your physical storefront. If you can engage a visitor in a friendly way and make them feel welcome on your website, you’ll create a user experience that is prime for a sale. Even if you don’t create one that very day, you’ll reduce your bounce rate and maybe create a sale in the future, and a future sale really is just as good as a current sale.

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