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How Companies Use Social Media Screening and Social Network Screens

How Companies Use Social Media Screening and Social Network Screens

Employee Screening with Social Media

New laws have been passed that allow third party companies to now use social media networks as a means to screen potential hires and employees. More than ever it is important to ensure your social media networks represent how you wish to be perceived by an organization.

How Companies Screen

Almost half of companies look to social sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn most of the time to seek out profiles of potential hires. A smaller percentage of companies look at blogs and twitter profiles.

Most of the time, results of these social screens reflect negatively on the individual. Only a fifth of the screenings performed resulted in a positive reflection of the candidate’s personality, professional qualifications, and creativity. Negative results reflected provocative or inappropriate photographs, content about them drinking or using drugs, and bad mouthing previous employers.

5 Ways to Protect Yourself When Having a Social Screen

Here is a listing of five ways you can ruin your chances of getting hired when socially screened.

1. Prevent Digital Dirt
Prevent digital dirt from spreading around the internet by ensuring you do not spread around self-incriminating photos or discussions of your time spent at the club. Keep your dirt to yourself and not on major networks such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

2. Don’t Act a Troll
Don’t leave annoying and pointless comments on sites such as blogs and Twitter while ensuring not to use vulgar language.

3. Watch Your Mouth
Be cautious not to talk about your previous employers in a negative light. Do not mention your displeasure or hate for your last job as well as personally criticize individuals that previously managed you. Do not release confidential information from your previous employers.

4. Be Cautious of Your Contacts and Comments
Be aware of who you are associated with in your contacts as well as comments left on your page from friends that could be construed as filthy and strange.

5. Be Positive
Spread the word of your achievements, awards, education, and skills.

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