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How American Women Use Social Media


Women and Social Media

Social media is quickly becoming a woman’s world and the influence of women on this platform is now stronger than ever before. In today’s technologically advanced world, posting a Facebook update or liking an Instagram photo is commonplace, but social media is quickly being overtaken by women instead of men. The popularity of social media sites has grown enormously in just the last five years alone. Now more than 72% of adults use social media sites regularly. However, women have always been more accounted for than men on social media sites. This makes it increasingly important for businesses to target women with their social media marketing campaigns.

Social Media Marketers Should Target Women

It is important that marketers give women more attention. Not only are women more accounted for on social media, but they are also much more active on these sites. This means that women are more likely to click on your blog post or take advantage of a promotional sale. With the help of a recent survey of more than 2,000 women conducted by Weber Shandwick, there is now more data than ever to help marketers target the women that are taking over social media sites.

Social Media Trends For Women

The most popular social media site that women use the most frequently is Facebook. Women use social media sites for many different reasons, but almost 20 percent of women surveyed said that many of their most important relationships were developed through social media sites only. This is possible due to the fact that most women spend on average about 12 hours per week on social media sites alone. This equates to almost 2 hours per day .Many of the women surveyed enjoy their time on social media websites so much that they listed it as one of their most enjoyable activities. Only spending time with family and participating in social events ranked higher than social media sites as favorite pastimes.

The Influence of Women

Not only are women on social media sites, but these women are very effective in influencing others. Many women spend their time liking and commenting on businesses and services. This means that marketing campaigns should target women and strive to engage them. Having women back your brand can be a huge benefit that generates leads and promotes sales. It is important to note that many women on social media do not limit their media consumption to online only.

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