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37 Witty Ice Breaker Conversation Starters

Ice breakers are considered a perfect way for people to get more comfortable with themselves and others. In group settings, it can get people to feel more at home. In team settings, ice breakers can break up cliques and help individuals meet others in non threatening and fun ways. Ice breakers also help to build relationships of all levels. The following series of ice breaker conversation starters will help you to introduce yourself and meet someone new.

Chicago really is the windy city.
Did you have a nice weekend?
Do you drink coffee or tea?
Do you have anything planned for the weekend?
Do you like the city or rural area?
Do you play any instruments?
Do you play any sports?
Do you prefer cats or dogs?
Do you speak any other languages?
Does this shop always have such long lines?
Excuse me, I just thought I should cover over and talk to you.
Hello, do you work here?
Hi, I’m [name].
How are you doing today?
If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Is it quieter on this side of the room? I can hardly hear over there.
Is your week going well?
It is so hot/cold in here.
Man, I hate networking.
May as well chat if we are in line for the bathroom.
Nice earrings.
Oh, did you hear about…
So, was it a pain for you to get here?
That is a lovely name, are you named after someone?
What countries have you traveled to?
What do you do there?
What do you like to do in your spare time?
What is your favorite movie of all time?
What is your favorite restaurant?
What is your favorite season?
What kind of drink is that?
What type of music do you like to listen to?
What type of phone do you have?
What would you do if you had 24 hours left to live?
Where did you go to school?
Where do you plan on going for your next vacation?
Where do you work?

Technology has drastically influenced traditional networking and conversation to online platforms. An estimated 90% of networking occurs online. Small businesses rate online and in person networking as both being valuable. With online and social media, 42% of businesses have seen an increase in customers. The networks also act as drivers to company websites a quarter of the time.

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