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Highest Grossing James Bond Movies Adjusted to Inflation


What Have You Got in James Bond’s Movies?

It has actually been half a century since Sean Connery who played the first James Bond role to deliver various legendary words on big screens. After twenty-two successful films, a very prominent super-spy who is widely recognized as 007 is now celebrating its fifty years of martinis, money and fast and stunning cars. In order to mark its milestone, there are various things to note about Bond.

James Bond’s Top Grossing Films

Thunderball was Bond’s fourth film played by Sean Connery was considered as the top grossing films of Bond that earned 1.04 billion dollars. This has been premiered back in the year 1965 and has been regarded as one of the most amazing and best Bond movies ever. This movie also won the Academy Award in 1966 for its special visual effects. Next on the list is the film “Goldfinger” with 936 million dollar earnings.

The third top grossing 007 movie is “Live and Let Die” which cost 847 million dollars. This was the first Bond movie to star Roger Moore, taking the place of Sean Connery. The fourth one, staring again Sean Connery, “You Only Live Twice” made it to the 4th top grossing 007 films which made a great impact in US. This movie had earned 778 million in today’s dollar. “The Spy Who Loved Me” is the fifth top grossing Bond film that earned 711 million dollar. These five movies have provided great impact to the film industry.

The James Bond Worldwide Brand

James Bond is actually the most famous spy in the world and now he is starting to show his grace in movie screens with his very charming persona and high-tech gadgets. Talking about his gadgets, there are a lot of legendary gadgets and accessories which James Bond had been really popular of. Who can ever forget his Walter PPK which served as the very first signature firearm of Bond in his Dr. No movie. In his film entitled “Tomorrow Never Dies”, he replaced his handgun with Walter P99.

And who could ever forget his great accessories – his cars which he used to fight with his evil enemies. Most of his cars are equipped with refinements and great accessories to help him with his every combat. He also used his cars not just to bring him in places he needed to be but they also serve as his main weapon.

James Bond will never be formed without the presence of his villains. In his fifty years of movie, he faced various individuals who tried to defeat him. In the film “From Russia with Love” his villain used a poison-tipped razor shoe which serves as her secret weapon. Soviet Rosa Klebb would just activate her secret weapon and use it to fight her enemy. In “Goldfinger” you can also see Oddjob’s Bowler that is lined with a very sharp metal.

James Bond’s movies had actually earned billions of dollars in big screens and millions of dollars in prints. Bond’s fifty years of movies are filled with attitude and style; putting together those cars, the villains, the music and the women that have always been a staple of these great movies for the past half century.

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