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iPhone 5 vs. HTC One vs. Galaxy S4 Side-by-Side Comparison


Battle Of The Smartphone Titans

Some would think that the iPhone 5 has won this battle before the fight even begins but Samsung and HTC have entered the ring with two formidable foes with their HTC One and Galaxy S4. In our fantasy smartphone show-down how do these titans perform?

Memory For The Titans

While press releases from HTC and Samsung show they have 64 GB models of their latest offerings, in line with the Apple iPhone 5 64GB model, neither company has made them available through US carriers. HTC One comes standard with 32GB while the Galaxy S4 comes with only 16GB with over 6GB of that memory taken up by its operating system and standard features. It seems that the iPhone 5 wins round one hands down. But wait. Before we ring the bell, Samsung has a MicroSD card slot that can add another 16, 32 or 64GB of memory. You can’t run apps or watch movies off an SD card but if you need storage for pics and documents then Samsung has the most potential storage and SD cards are cheap while 64GB iPhone 5s are not. We have to give round one to iPhone, but it was close.

The Big Picture

Screen real estate is at a premium and screen size makes a noticeable difference in your web browsing experience. Here the Galaxy S4 and HTC One are neck and neck, sporting screens that are 10% larger than the iPhone 5. There is a slight edge for the S4 because it is sporting Corning’s new, stronger, more scratch resistant Gorilla Glass 3. Galaxy S4 wins but don’t start throwing your phone around just yet because drop tests show all three screens still shatter when you drop them on their corners.

Power To Play

The Galaxy S4 wins the battery challenge hands down. Not only does it top the field with 69 hours of battery life on standby mode, compared to iPhone’s 51 and HTC’s 48, but it’s also the only one that is removable so you can have a backup battery charged up and ready to go.

Eyes For You

The S4 also dominates the camera wars with its 13 mega-pixel camera wining out over iPhone’s 8 MPs and HTC One’s 4 MPs. Samsung also allows you to capture panoramas up 22,000 pixels wide. That’s two impressive victories in a row for the S4.

Especially For You

This round is really a tie because each phone comes with a ton of cool stuff and there is something special for everybody. The HTC One has Beats audio technology for fine audio quality, the S4 has eye scroll sensors for the super geeks, and iPhone 5 has Siri, your super smart friend that will always talk with you but seems to be a bit too much into Star Trek.

Overall the Samsung Galaxy S4 wins the fight but it’s always a choice. If you are a heavy app user then a 64GB iPhone will surely be your go-to phone while hardcore music nuts won’t even think there is a choice other than the HTC One. In the new battle of the smartphone titans, everyone has their champion.

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