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Health Benefits of Using a Standing Desk at Work

Health Benefits of Using a Standing Desk at Work

The Benefits of an Adjustable Desk

Have you ever felt that burning in your neck and shoulders after a long session at your desk? Do your legs get restless after you’ve been sitting for awhile and you get this mental itch where you’ve just got to get up and moving? You’re not alone – in fact, according to recent data, people who have a sedentary desk position where they sit most the day have higher risks of mental disease, metabolic issues, and even cancer! Men who work six hours per day in a sedentary position have a 20% higher risk of death. For women, the risk is double that of men! Having an adjustable desk that lets you stand up and move around based on how you’re feeling can be an easy and affordable solution to reduce these health risks.

Human Beings Weren’t Designed For the Modern Office

With the modern lifestyle that involves a lot of sitting to accomplish tasks, only 3.5% of people over the age of 20 get the recommended amount of exercise they should on a daily basis. Once you hit the age of 60, that percentage drops to just 2.4%! The more physically active we are, the less of a risk there is of dying, which means the human body just wasn’t meant for the sitting work of the informational age. In recent clinical research, over 2,000 people who were diagnosed with colon rectal cancer were studied to see if there was a connection between health and exercise. Those who were physically active and exercised regularly had a 28% reduced rate of death.

Even Changing Planes Can Help Relieve Stress

Have you noticed that when you’re reading something, you tend to sit back and relax a little bit? With an adjustable desk that can adjust the plane of how you see things, you can work at one plane that is more level while you can read with a different visual plane. This not only relieves stress on body parts, but helps you to get moving a little bit too. Add in the ability to stand or sit with an adjustable desk and you’ll have the movement that can lead to significant increases in your overall health. Though employees who are given the option of an adjustable desk tend to stand a lot at first, eventually only 1/5 of their day is spent standing.

What Could an Adjustable Desk Do For You?

An adjustable desk could be the perfect solution for you to start relieving the restlessness you’re feeling right now, reading this. From changing planes to changing heights, adjustable desks help people be more active during their required duties and that activity leads to better overall health. Why put yourself at a higher risk of death just so you can earn a paycheck? Ask about or invest into an adjustable desk today and experience all the health benefits that this piece of technology can bring!

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