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100 Powerful Gratitude Affirmations to Fill You with Joy

Here are 100 powerful gratitude affirmations to fill you with joy and say daily.

#1 I am experiencing the gift of life.

#2 I contribute to a large whole by my very existence.

#3 I am inspired and excited by the world around me.

#4 Today I am grateful for absolutely everything: life is simply breathtaking.

#5 I marvel at the exquisite complexity and symphony of the universe.

#6 I am alive and fully embrace all that entails, right now.

#7 I am thankful for all the past lessons that lead me to today.

#8 I fully receive the love that exists all around me.

#9 I appreciate the good times and the harder days. Both are part of a beautiful life.

#10 I am grateful for all the little things that make up my life.

#11 I am thankful for the warm sun and the life-giving rain.

#12 I am grateful I am here right now, experiencing this moment, which can’t be repeated.

#13 I have experienced many small miracles already. More are destined to come.

#14 Love is the essence of who I am. I let it pour out of me.

#15 I am loved for who I am.

#16 The world keeps spinning. Life keeps transforming.

#17 There is profound harmony in nature, which I am a part of.

#18 Every day I am born again.

#19 My heart is full of love, taken in from all around me.

#20 Again today, I get to live my unique adventure.

#21 Not a moment is wasted when I live fully immersed in life.

#22 My hands remember the many touches and embraces they have felt.

#23 I am grateful for both the chaos and the order that makes life complete.

#24 I may not always know where things are headed, but regardless I am grateful for today.

#25 My life is fuller because of the other souls I share it with.

#26 I feel a deep sense of belonging.

#27 I have the honor of being alive today.

#28 In the eyes of others, I can see the light of life that connects us all.

#29 I have a long list of things to be grateful for, even on bad days.

#30 I pause to appreciate every little cell that makes up my world.

#31 I am thankful for my body’s amazing healing abilities.

#32 I am grateful for the quiet moments when my thinking mind takes a break.

#33 I was born into this world, and therefore I am part of the mystery of life itself.

#34 I can feel deeply, which is a uniquely human trait.

#35 I am grateful for the constant human compassion and empathy evident in my daily life.

#36 I pause to notice my breath, this constant, phenomenal, natural occurrence.

#37 The world is full of many natural wonders. I am one of them.

#38 I appreciate the thousands of smiles I have already experienced so far.

#39 I can feel the current of life running through me.

#40 I am connected to everything around me by a common lifeforce.

#41 I am grateful for my feet planted firmly on the ground, helping me feel present.

#42 I am thankful for the opportunity to connect with people all across the globe.

#43 I have great friends who hold a special place in my heart.

#44 I am filled with gratitude, thinking of the special animals I have shared a bond with.

#45 I appreciate all the incredible things my body and mind accomplish each day.

#46 I am grateful for the sweet smell of flowers.

#47 I am thankful for the beautiful human moments that make me pause and be still.

#48 I love the blue skies, colorful sunsets, and moody silver clouds.

#49 I always find something in nature that eases my mind and sets my soul alight.

#50 No matter what happens, I find love and nurturing present all around me.

#51 I am grateful for the interesting and different people I get to meet in my lifetime.

#52 I am awestruck by the mystery of the vast moon and twinkling stars.

#53 I am thankful to have experienced love, in many forms.

#54 Plenty of food, good people, and laughs make me content.

#55 I am grateful for the advances in technology, creating new possibilities for me.

#56 I am thankful for the morning birdsong that reminds me I am alive.

#57 I marvel at the grand design of the universe.

#58 A thankful heart brings me peace.

#59 My day is transformed by beginning with gratitude.

#60 There is so much to be grateful for when I truly look.

#61 I touch the earth and remember I am home.

#62 I am grateful for the great work opportunities I have.

#63 My warm bed welcomes me each night.

#64 Today I am really living with the full vibrancy of my soul.

#65 I find consistent little joys throughout the day by taking in each moment.

#66 I am thankful that each day I get to start anew.

#67 I am free.

#68 With contentment from daily gratitude, I feel like I could fly.

#69 I am grateful for my body: once a tiny baby and now grown and strong.

#70 I appreciate the lessons I have learned.

#71 I am grateful for good times making the days last longer.

#72 I am thankful for my special family traditions.

#73 I am grateful for the wisdom that time has granted me.

#74 Hope is always there.

#75 I have wonderful people in my life.

#76 I am proud of my inner strength.

#77 I earn money and support myself. It feels good.

#78 Diversity makes the world a better, more interesting place.

#79 Thank you to the lovers and the fighters, asking for a better world for us all.

#80 I am glad to have already experienced so much in my short time here.

#81 All seasons are part of the earthly cycle. I relish in each one’s beauty.

#82 I am grateful for the simple wealth all around me that I am so accustomed to.

#83 I pause to give thanks to the little things that often get taken for granted.

#84 I live with ease and grace.

#85 I am thankful for the ability to travel and have adventure.

#86 I am grateful that I can create my own fun and special times.

#87 I appreciate my family, even the aspects which have been hard.

#88 I am never alone. I am part of the human experience.

#89 I can cry and laugh, all in a day.

#90 I can hug and be hugged.

#91 I enjoy slow, quiet mornings.

#92 I appreciate the heart-warming sound of young children’s chatter and laughter.

#93 I am thankful that I can always learn more.

#94 Every day I expand more into who I really am. It is a gift.

#95 Each experience has helped shape me: the big, small, good, and bad.

#96 I enjoy brightening another’s day with my kind words and a soft smile.

#97 I am capable of things today that I couldn’t do in the past.

#98 I am grateful for apologies, and the closeness shared in making amends.

#99 I am thankful for human connection: indescribable and vital.

#100 I can be a new me, whenever I decide.

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