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Google RankBrain: 8 Things You Need to Know


RankBrain is not replacing PageRank, at least not in the foreseeable future. Only 15% of all search queries on Google in a day are catered to by RankBrain. While it is the learning centre of Google, just like Facebook’s FYI and RankNet of Microsoft, there are many differences. RankBrain will impact the ranking of your website to a limited extent and would definitely influence how people search so you must be aware of the implications.

1) RankBrain Is An Offline Learning Centre Of Google.
It doesn’t get updated or upgraded online. It uses historical data, empirical evidence and a specific knowledgebase for a given query to offer predictions. The predictions of RankBrain are more accurate than what the search engineers at Google envision. In many tests, whose results have been made public by Google, search engineers score 70% while RankBrain scores 80% in accuracy of predictions. What this means for websites is that one must adhere to the guidelines that Google recommend you use in regards to RankBrain. Since RankBrain doesn’t get updated every now and then, the core is unlikely to change unless another offline exercise happens. So you wouldn’t have fluctuating standards or influencing factors for the search results, website ranks and query prompts.

2) RankBrain Has Been Instrumental At Causing The Paradigm Shift From Optimization To Relevance.
The keywords and the whole premise of search engine optimization began with relevance. Indexing is more like categorizing. The classification leads to definitive search results. Every webpage is indexed according to keywords so it is searchable for those keywords and people get useful information. The flipside to this has been the unavoidable misuse of keyword optimization. With some updates to the existing algorithm, Google did target the misuse and successfully penalized those exploiting the possibilities of cramping keywords to rank poorer quality websites high up the ladder. RankBrain counters the malpractices more effectively. Instead of just focusing on the keywords, RankBrain scans all content on a given webpage for relevance, quality of information and also the track record of the website to assess its authority in the given niche.

3) RankBrain Helps Users And Also Companies That Want To Provide Quality Information.
Any webmaster or company that wishes to misuse keywords and also want to cramp keywords into any content for the sake of it will not benefit from RankBrain. While it doesn’t have a penalizing system as was the case with algorithm updates over the years, it still does influence the search results so one must try to use RankBrain.

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