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10 Top-Notch Richard A. Swanson Quotes

Richard A. Swanson is an American organizational theorist and author of the ‘Foundations of Human Resource Development.’ With more than a half dozen publications during the course of his lifetime, here is a look at some of the most memorable Richard A. Swanson quotes to remember.

“At my pace, I have been thinking lately I should propose more time together.”

“It is a charge of $15,000.”

“Once you get one or two of them, you’ll see that the others will come, too,”

“Society, a jury, whomever, has to decide at some point whether he’s salvageable. Or is he so bad we’re going to use a cell for the next 60 years?”

“The solar cell converts sunlight into electricity, … or as AeroVironment likes to say, the plane is powered by it’s shadow.”

“They executed well when they had to, and they scored enough to win. But when you hold a team to 42 points, it’s a game you should win. But it wasn’t to be.”

“We were considered a nuisance, now we’re not, I’d like to know why?”

“Well, I’m about to go out of business.”

“We’re not objecting to the sewer lines.”

“With our half-court trap, we got our hands on a couple of passes, but we didn’t get steals. And then they would go down and score. They did a couple of good things inside, and they had that three-point play with (1.6) seconds left.”

Check out this video for a special interview with Dr. Richard Swanson as the founder of SunPower where he discusses the efficiency of solar panels and its development.

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