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Dollar Value of Best Social Sharing Sites for Each Social Share

Dollar Value of Best Social Sharing Sites for Each Social Share

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Does Social Sharing Drive Revenue in Business

The rise of social sites was first seen when Facebook was implemented. The highest percentages of internet users today visit social sites, more than they do visit merchant sites. People log into these sites to chat, share experiences and even meet new people from different location across the globe. It is due to this impact that companies have been forced to start using social media platforms to market their products, because audience are there, and each advert goes viral easily. It is also a cheaper option to advertising, as compared to using billboards and TV ads. However, one question is eminent in all these situations, does social media sharing drive revenue?

Driving Traffic with Social Media

There are many ways in which you can approach this question. First, the main reason why companies use the social media is to drive traffic. It goes beyond doubt that, with the high masses of people using the social media, one can milk away a certain percentage and drive them to a user website, thus gain traffic. Depending with the technique used, it is very possible for one to drain traffic from sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and many others. All what matters is how you can woo people into viewing your pages and eventually directing them to your website. We all understand that Google and other advertising program pay marketers for traffic and impressions. This means just driving traffic from Facebook to another website creates revenue for the user.

How to Make Possible Content Sharing in Social Media and its Effects

Each social media platform has its own way of sharing information with users. Facebook for example uses posts, comments and likes to share content through its users, twitter uses re-tweeting to expose information and posts to more people. Twitter also allows uses to post links back to user websites for back linking, and are used to direct people to the site. Sites like Instagram and Pinterest rely on photo sharing. This is where one uploads amazing photos in their profiles, where other people can like and view at their own time. Internet marketers on the other hand use these social sites to post similar posts, only that theirs are more enticing and captivating. The more people you have to like your photos, or retweet posts, the higher the content exposure to their friends. The circle becomes bigger as more people share the content, and it is through sharing where you will capture target audience and drive them to your company website, thus revenue.

Sharing Content

Social sharing of content has been greatly promoted with the use of media sites like Google plus and YouTube. Users can post posts in these platforms for other users to view, read and follow when interested. Through posting this content, one starts building up circles, which then leads to potential customers. YouTube too supports media sharing in the form of videos. Users can create videos of product descriptions, reviews and even music then post it to the site for interested persons to watch. Then then provide a link that one can follow if interested, thus driving traffic. It is in so doing that many websites have risen to the ranks they are at today.

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