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Call to Action Phrases and Words that Work Best

Call to Action Phrases and Words that Work Best

Using Effective Words for a Call to Action

It can seem counterproductive to ask someone to share a post on Facebook or retweet something on Twitter. When people are asked to do things in posts, however, they are more likely to do it! The statistics don’t lie – if you ask someone to click a link as a call to action, by telling them exactly what they need to do [i.e. click the link], your targets will follow that request almost 2% better than your site average. Though that percentage seems small, if you get 2,000 hits per day on a post, that’s 40 more clicks on that link you’ll get every day on average. That’s 1,200 more leads per month! What could your business do with 1,200 more leads?

It’s Ok To Ask For Help

Twitter is a growing tool that can literally help you get your brand out in front of millions of people with just one effective tweet. When it comes to a call for action, many people will ask for their followers to “please retweet” the information that has been posted. Though this can help to get up to 50% more of your tweets retweeted, the most effective call to action on Twitter is to simply say “please help.” When you ask for help, you can get up to 160% more followers above your average to share your tweets with their followers, and then their followers, and so forth.

Would You Like My Post?

It’s a basic proposition: would you like my post? By asking this question right off the bat, you’re in effect challenging the person reading it to see if they like it or not. To really do this, they have to actually look at what you have to say. That might mean reading your blog post, looking at your product, or taking a hard glance at the photo you’ve posted to your album. Then that target is left to answer that question upon review – do they like it? If they do, they’ll be likely to click the “like” link. If they don’t, chances are they’ll just keep moving on in their news feed. Either way, you’ve accomplished your overall goal: you got someone to read what you posted.

Are You Using Effective Calls to Action?

Advertisements have been telling people to “call today” or “buy now” since their invention and have done so effectively. Your information can accomplish the same effectiveness if the proper terminology of today is used. “Buy today” might not have the same power as “click on this link now” or “please share,” but without any call to action, you’re letting leads get off the hook. Institute an effective call to action today and see how fast and far your posts could start spreading!

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