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Digital Content Strategy Template for the Web

Digital Content Strategy Template for the Web

Why Choose Content Marketing?

Above any other means of converting leads into customers, content marketing is what marketers are focusing on right now. Who can blame them? With valuable content, targeted leads are intrigued, curious, and wanting more of what a business has to offer. When you can incorporate a reasonable call to action in with this content, you can often create sales from one well designed landing page because you can hit on scarcity, relationship building, and problem solving value all in one bundle. How are the best companies accomplishing their content marketing goals on a consistent basis?

It Has To Be Part of the Corporate Culture

In order for content marketing to succeed, everyone has to be on board the train that is chugging down the tracks. The content that is being created must be perfectly aligned throughout an organization for it to be effective. For the sole proprietor, that’s pretty easy! For a small business that has a few players in the game, however, that task becomes more difficult. The people who handle social media posts have to be working closely with the people who construct the press releases for print media, then both groups must be working with whomever is doing the IT work so everything gets bundled into a nice package.

Content Isn’t Always Created In-House

Everyone in some way contributes to the internet today. For some people, they write blogs about life at home, the products they love to use, and especially the products that fail their family. Others have accounts on websites like Yelp or Angie’s List where they write reviews about their experiences with a business. Still others write Google reviews that are immediately seen in search results. Content, both good and bad, is also created by other people outside of your control. This can be used effectively in your marketing efforts, but only if you work on generating positive information about what your organization does.

It’s About Quality, Not Quantity

One good piece of marketing content will go much further than several pieces of mediocre content. You don’t go to a fine dining establishment and pay $50 for a lousy steak and then long to return to keep paying another $50 for more lousy steak, right? Of course not – you’d go to a different restaurant. One quality steak will bring you back every time you want a steak. One quality piece of marketing content will bring a customer back every time they need what you have.

Who Creates Your Content?

In order to drive effective content, large organizations put someone in charge to oversee all the content that is developed. Smaller organizations can contract these duties out and then oversee the final product themselves, but contracted content can really be hit or miss. More and more organizations today are snapping up quality content writers because having people who can create massive amounts of content with nearly perfect grammar and spelling are quite rare, yet they are needed for effective content marketing efforts. If you’re finding it difficult to meet your e-commerce goals, chances are it’s your content. It might be worth taking a second… or even a third look at it today.

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