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100 Confidence Affirmations to Boost Self-esteem

Here are 100 powerful confidence affirmations to say daily to boost self-esteem.

#1 I am powerful.

#2 I stay true to who I am.

#3 I am ready, and now is my time.

#4 I am what divine beauty looks like.

#5 I am exactly as I am destined to be. Perfect now, and always.

#6 I will not wait for impossible perfect conditions. My time is now.

#7 The light of the world shines from my eyes.

#8 I love the person I have become. Every inch, and all facets of who I am.

#9 My very existence is a miracle. I never forget who I am.

#10 I have something unique to contribute.

#11 I am the hero in this story. I am not waiting for one.

#12 My voice is important. I am not afraid to share it and contribute.

#13 My past reminds me of how much I am capable of.

#14 The awe-inspiring beauty of nature is the same within me.

#15 I am not defined by what has happened before. I am capable of even more.

#16 There are no limits to my abilities. I even surprise myself with new heights I achieve.

#17 The thinking mind will set limits that do not exist. I don’t believe any of it.

#18 I am an important part of the greater universe. Unique but interconnected.

#19 There is no other soul in the world just like me.

#20 Others are inspired by me when I am in my element, being myself.

#21 I forgive myself for past self-criticisms, for I didn’t know my worth and power then.

#22 The world functions in perfect harmony, as do I.

#23 I know I am already whole and powerful, no matter what.

#24 I am the embodiment of the essence of life.

#25 I will not waste time with comparisons.

#26 I am unique and stunning, standing in my power and knowing who I am.

#27 Life sparks the light in my eyes for the world to see.

#28 I am seen in all my beauty.

#29 I focus on discovering more of myself. Nothing else matters.

#30 I release the facade of identity and let the light within me beam out, unencumbered.

#31 I am sorry I ever doubted myself, or my value. I am unfathomably important and special.

#32 I love myself.

#33 I have already achieved so much, yet more is to come.

#34 I accept who I am right now, and any changes I will encounter.

#35 I grow and expand.

#36 I welcome new challenges as they help me become more of myself.

#37 I am an expression of all the beauty in the natural world.

#38 There is much more to me than titles and achievements.

#39 I don’t take life too seriously. I am fun and adventurous.

#40 Life expresses itself through me, joyously, and with fluid movement.

#41 I not only accept who I am, but I also adore who I am.

#42 Today I am perfect. I forget everything else.

#43 I am in a league of my own, doing what makes me happy.

#44 Self-love radiates from me. I look good, and others can feel my radiance.

#45 There is no fear, only radical self-love and acceptance.

#46 With each breath, I stand a little taller.

#47 The energy of life pulses through me. I am alive.

#48 I am an expert in my field. I know more than I am aware of.

#49 I have the skills, knowledge, and experience to do this. I let go of all doubt.

#50 My strength is something I can always draw upon.

#51 Today, I make my contribution to the world. It may be big or small.

#52 I am needed and valued.

#53 I let inspiration take over any fears.

#54 I am here for a reason.

#55 There are no mistakes. I am confident that I can do no wrong, only grow.

#56 Many others have paved the way before me. I can do this.

#57 Lack of confidence is a sign I have forgotten who I truly am. I remember.

#58 Some fear is normal. I never let it deter me.

#59 I surround myself with people who lift me up and value who I am.

#60 If not today, then when? I am ready.

#61 I was born to fully live life, without limitation.

#62 My thoughts may sometimes doubt, but my heart knows its power and strength.

#63 I take up all the space I need. I never shrink away.

#64 Challenges don’t exist. They are simply choice points in life, where we might grow.

#65 I take the leap, acknowledging the fear but not letting it slow me down.

#66 I believe in myself, and others do, too.

#67 Today I cultivate self-belief and self-love in all that I do.

#68 I have everything I need already.

#69 I am whole, just as I am.

#70 My inner confidence shines out and lights up the room.

#71 There is nothing more magnetic than a person in touch with their inner worth.

#72 The stage is set, and I am ready to perform.

#73 I embody the energy of a powerful, peaceful warrior.

#74 I go beyond all previous limits.

#75 The past provided lessons. I springboard from them to new heights.

#76 I am full and overflowing with love and acceptance for all that is.

#77 I am the director of my life.

#78 A new star was formed when I was born. I always remember to sparkle.

#79 I trust my decisions.

#80 I rely on both my intuition and my sharp mind.

#81 Life is here for me to enjoy too. I confidently claim my piece of it.

#82 I move through the day with grace and deep confidence.

#83 I pause before reacting, allowing the real me to respond wisely and with confidence.

#84 Deep within me is the truth of the world. I allow it to rise.

#85 Who better than me to do this?

#86 There no need for more or to hesitate. I trust what I already know.

#87 I forgive others if they criticize me. They don’t know the dynamo of love within me.

#88 I only seek to impress myself. No one else matters.

#89 I let go of expectations and rules.

#90 Today I completely embrace the person I am and how beautiful it is to be me.

#91 I am exquisite and unique.

#92 I ponder the incredible mystery of my very existence. My life is special.

#93 I am at peace with who I am, and where I am.

#94 Nothing can dampen my spirit today. I am alive.

#95 I am free to be myself, in whatever form that takes in each moment.

#96 There is no good reason why I can’t do anything I set my mind to.

#97 I look into my own eyes and see a powerhouse of strength.

#98 With each stride, I grow more confident.

#99 Standing tall, head up: I embody the confident, magnetic being that I am.

#100 I act how I want to feel. Confidence comes through my actions.

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