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Japanese Blood Type Personality Guide: A vs B vs AB vs O

If you have spent any time in Japan, someone has probably asked what your blood type is. While this may seem like an odd question to ask a total stranger, it is actually grounded in a shared Japanese social belief that your blood type can determine your personality. This theory groups the four blood types – A, B, AB, and O – into four dominant personality types. This theory has been used in social settings, for marketing specific products, and even for assessing romantic and family relationships.

Though the blood-type personality classifications are non-scientific, there are certain personality traits that have been associated with certain blood types. There is also some entertainment value in exploring which type you might be.

“A” Blood Type: The Kind Organizer

1. You Are Sensitive to the Feelings of Others
People with Type A blood are the most common in Japan. They are also often the most sensitive, keying in on the emotional needs of those around them. This makes them very kind and considerate, often foregoing their own wishes to please their friends or coworkers. They seek to please others, make them feel loved and accepted, and are thought of as great listeners. Blood Type A people are also very reliable and can be counted on for help or support when you need it most.

2. You Are an Introvert
People with Type A blood generally keep to themselves and are more introverted than others. This does not necessarily mean they are antisocial, but rather that they prefer not to be “on” in front of others all the time. In public settings, Blood Type A people may come across as reserved or even shy. They need time to decompress to process the day’s demands and emotions, so this may be the reason they turn down your invitation. These people are happily invested in a few strong relationships, but unlike extroverts, they do not gain energy from social interaction.

3. You Are a Perfectionist
People with Type A blood are highly focused on the little things and pay close attention to even minute details. They can be trusted to diligently work on something that must be absolutely perfect, which can also be difficult when a project must be completed quickly. They would rather sacrifice time in order to have something done right. This can carry over into other areas of their lives as well. They are always on time wherever they are going and keep a tight schedule. Their finances are in order, and their homes are neat and organized.

4. You Are Anxious
Blood Type A people may have a calm and quiet exterior, but they hold onto anxiety much more easily than other blood types. This may be due to the fact that they always put others’ needs ahead of their own, or because they are simply more likely to bottle up their feelings. Regardless of the reason, they need time alone to de-stress in whatever way is most comfortable for them. If things do not go perfectly according to their plans, they can become seriously stressed. They are also constantly looking ahead to the future and assessing the downside risks. Their organized natures make it easy for them to assess what might go wrong, and create contingency plans.

5. You Are Stubborn
Because they are perfectionists and look only at hard facts, people with Type A blood are stubborn and will be much more likely to presume they are right and others are wrong. They will doggedly cling to their position until they are presented with concrete evidence to the contrary. Once they arrive at a conclusion, very little outside influence will change their minds. They take it personally when it appears they have made a mistake, so their stubbornness may come from a sense of wounded pride and a need for self-vindication.

6. You Make a Great Accountant, Economist, or Librarian
Blood Type A people are ideally suited for jobs that require focus, discipline, and a strong sense of order. Anything in the financial world is perfect since “numbers don’t lie,” and there is always a mathematical solution for every problem. Other jobs, like a librarian or an economist, are also good matches since these occupations process large volumes of data. The Blood Type A people can also be strong designers and artists if exacting attention to detail is needed in their art, such as in graphic design.

7. You Take It Slow in Relationships
People with Type A blood may be slow to enter into new relationships, possibly because of their general social anxiety or introverted natures. They can also let their self-consciousness and anxiety around new people interfere with forming and deepening relationships. Understanding this can help you be patient when interacting with a Blood Type A person. Once they feel comfortable around you, they can become one of your closest and most loyal friends, but it will take them time to open up.

8. Famous People with Type A Blood
The following are some of the famous people said to have this personality type: George H. W. Bush, Britney Spears, Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard Nixon, Adolf Hitler.

“B” Blood Type: The Self-Centered People Person

1. You Are Self-Centered
People who have the next most common blood type in Japan, Type B, focus mainly on themselves. Self-centeredness is the trait most often associated with Blood Type B individuals. They think the world revolves around them and are trail-blazers, striking out on a path that no one else will take. Blood Type B people have a strong sense of honesty, and will always give direct, unfiltered answers or input. Their frank truthfulness could be seen as a positive trait, and comes from a sense of pride that prevents them from lying or hiding their true feelings.

2. You Are Creative
Because they are independent thinkers, people with Type B blood tend to be extremely creative. They can see solutions that no one else can see, and are not afraid to try them even if others think they are too risky. They throw their passion into everything they do, and when their energy is properly directed, they can be great problem-solvers. Blood Type B individuals are constantly looking for an outlet for their energy and will often have several hobbies that allow them to express themselves in diverse ways.

3. You Are Easy-Going
Despite their blunt honesty, Blood Type B people are actually very easy-going. Because they are open and direct, they assume that others are as well, and this provides a sense of comfort to them about their lives. Little setbacks do not generally upset them, as they simply find other ways around or through obstacles. They easily craft backup plans when things go wrong and can be relied upon to deliver at the last minute.

4. You Are a Free Spirit
People with Type B blood express their independence in their personalities and lifestyles as well. They dance to the beat of their own drums and are the most likely of all the personalities to strike out on their own or make radical life changes on a whim. This may express itself in open rebellion or hostility toward established systems, which can create negative outcomes, but this rebellion comes from a deep-rooted need to forge their own paths. Just as they want to express their passions in creative ways, they will not let schedules or systems hamper their ability to change their minds freely or make spontaneous decisions.

5. You Are Impulsive
Their naturally free personalities can make Blood Type B individuals prone to impulsive thoughts. If they feel that they are bound or held back by something or someone, they will not hesitate to cast them aside. Since they are self-centered and focused on their own satisfaction as the primary motivator of their lives, anything that does not cause pleasure or personal fulfillment is unnecessary. Another aspect of this personality trait is that they had a blind and misguided optimism that assumes the best out of every scenario. The downside simply does not occur to them.

6. You Make a Great Journalist, Artist, or Business Owner
Careers that require a high degree of flexibility and quick decision-making are perfect for Blood Type B individuals. Other positions they would thrive in include those that involve creativity or freedom. Many people with Type B blood enjoy the thrill of being an entrepreneur, throwing everything they have into their work, and doing their best to make their passions into a career. They can also succeed as artists or musicians since they will be the center of attention and have the ability to express themselves freely. Positions that require confrontation, like journalists or consultants, are also ideal.

7. Your Romantic Relationships Are All About You
Since Blood Type B people like to be the center of attention, romantic relationships may be a bit of a struggle. It may be difficult for them to consider the feelings of others on the same level as their own feelings, and they may feel slighted or ignored if they do not receive an expected response from sharing their feelings. When they give a gift, they want you to thank them profusely, and when they plan an expensive or involved date, they want to be recognized and appreciated for their effort. People with Type B blood need to work at considering others’ needs and wants at least as much as their own if they want to have healthy relationships.

8. Famous People with Type B Blood
The following are some of the famous people said to have this personality type: Luciano Pavarotti, Leonardo DiCaprio, Paul McCartney, Mia Farrow, Tom Selleck, Jack Nicholson.

“AB” Blood Type: The Free-Thinker

1. You Are Rational
Those with Type AB blood are the rarest both in Japan and around the world. These individuals are highly rational, organizing every piece of information in a way that makes the most sense to them. That being said, they are constantly on a quest to learn something new. This thirst for growth and experience can fuel their passions and ability to perform better and better. They will always work through something methodically, learning as much as possible before making a decision or proceeding to the next step.

2. You Are Highly Organized
For Blood Type AB individuals, there is an optimal system for everything. Their homes are never cluttered, and their belongings are always pristine and in perfect order. They have a high degree of self-control, never letting anything become unruly or unkempt. They religiously stick to their schedules or plans and can become upset when the smallest thing is thrown off balance. Despite these traits, people with Type AB blood are said to be flexible because they already have a back-up plan that they can put into place. Just because they want things done a certain way does not mean they are unwilling to change or unprepared for new variables.

3. You Are Distant or Cool with Others
Blood Type AB people are also introverted and would rather not spend what they would perceive as wasted time in social settings. They can seem distant or remote with their friends or coworkers, and some may think they are unfeeling or harsh. Ultimately, they do not have the same predisposition for empathy or sensitivity. They prefer to focus on facts and objective observations, and feelings or opinions carry little weight with them. If something makes sense to them, it does not matter what others think of it.

4. You Are Critical
People with Type AB blood are the first to critique others, often without any filter on their mouths or consideration of how their criticism will be received. They prefer to focus on the things that are wrong and ignore the hard work that went into something. While they may think they are simply working toward the best outcome or providing an honest assessment, they will be quick to dismiss something that is mostly right if even one part is incorrect. They are exacting and place high demands on themselves and those around them, holding everyone to a seemingly rigid and impossible standard.

5. You Hold Grudges
If they are slighted or offended, Blood Type AB people do not forgive easily. They can hold onto grudges for very long periods of time, far beyond what others may think is reasonable. If they feel they have been wronged, they will maintain their innocence or need for justice at all costs. They would rather be right than keep friends or relationships, which can allow them to lose personal connections over small arguments. They are also very quick to judge and will avoid a person or a product after a single bad experience despite assurances from others that things will be different the next time.

6. You Make a Great Teacher, Lawyer, or Social Worker
People with Type AB blood have a very strong sense of right and wrong, which makes them excellent at debates and giving directions. They can make ideal teachers and instructors since those professions involve a high degree of organization, clarity in communication, and attention to detail in their assessments. They do well in other jobs, like lawyers and counselors, that require direct and thorough judgments and a strong will. If they have a passion for being an advocate for others, a career in medicine or social work may also be ideal.

7. You Need Your Space in Relationships
Blood Type AB people prefer to keep their distance in relationships with others. They are very slow to make friends, often waiting to assess if a person is worth their time and effort. They may look for some kind of gain from a relationship, and if someone does not live up to their standards, they may not see the point in opening up. They can feel smothered by someone who constantly wants to insert themselves into their lives, so allowing Blood Type AB individuals the freedom to operate on their own terms is usually the best strategy.

8. Famous People with Type AB Blood
The following are some of the famous people said to have this personality type: Thomas Edison, John F. Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, Mick Jagger, Jackie Chan, Mao Zedong.

“O” Blood Type: The Natural Leader

1. You Are a Natural Leader
Type O positive is the most common blood type in the world and is known as the “universal donor.” Similarly, someone with a Blood Type AB personality naturally and easily finds success in nearly any setting. They are natural-born leaders, always rushing to the front of the line to take charge. They have an innate sense of what needs to be done and will not hesitate to motivate others to action while jumping in right alongside them. They can inspire others to achieve common goals but would prefer to do so from a leadership or executive role.

2. You Do Things Your Way
As leaders, Blood Type O people are independent and highly confident, doing things the way they know will be best based on their own experience or opinions. They would never act a certain way just because it is socially acceptable or “industry standard” – they will usually question decisions they did not make. They have no interest in following social conventions and will instead blaze their own trails. This can help them in business and personal relationships, and they will typically gain immense amounts of satisfaction from giving something their all, whether they succeed or fail, for no other reason than that they did so on their own terms.

3. You Are a Self-Starter
People with Type O blood people never need to be told to take action. They are always the first to volunteer for extra work and are the first to raise their hands when a question is asked. They are never shy with their opinions and will seek to convince others that their way is the best way. If they see a need, they will rise to the occasion to fill it, putting in as much work as necessary to prove themselves. They will always play to their strengths, giving themselves the best chance for success.

4. You Are Arrogant
A high degree of self-confidence can be a stumbling block for Blood Type O individuals. They can come across as arrogant or prideful because they typically assume they are right in their chosen course of action. Because they decided to take the initiative when others did not, they may see themselves as more worthy of success or recognition. Because they assume their way is the best way, they can be offended if everyone does not automatically and unquestioningly fall in line with their proposals. They often see uncertainty or defiance as disloyalty or betrayal, because everything is all about them from their perspective.

5. You Are Ruthless
Because Blood Type O people crave success, they can be ruthless in their attempts to achieve it. They will do whatever it takes to win, including stepping on or over others to do it. The thoughts and feelings of others do not matter as much as their own, and they will dismiss opinions that they perceive as threats. They may become so convinced of the correct course of action that they may cause harm or discomfort to others. This can be a dangerous tendency if left unchecked; their quest for self-satisfaction and self-fulfillment may be a pitfall if success requires group participation and involvement.

6. You Make a Great CEO or Politician
Blood Type O people dream of nothing but rising to the top of the food chain, so they strive to reach high positions of leadership. They make excellent CEOs and elected officials due to the competitive nature of business and politics. Those who win in these fields frequently show original thinking, a strong desire to win, charisma in social and public settings, and a strong desire to convince others that they are right.

7. You Are a Hopeless Romantic
Despite their high focus on themselves – or perhaps because of it – they long for deep interpersonal connections with others. They are hopeless romantics, dreaming of the ideal scenario where everything goes exactly the way they want. They may try to force others into an idealized relationship that is very one-sided because they have an image in their minds of how they want things to go. When things don’t turn out just right, they often become disillusioned and disappointed.

8. Famous People with Type O Blood
The following are some of the famous people said to have this personality type: Ronald Reagan, Mikhail Gorbachev, Queen Elizabeth, Elvis Presley, John Lennon, Paul Newman, Gerald Ford, Al Capone.


There is no scientific evidence that a person’s blood type has any bearing on their personality. However, general trends and loose associations still make this an amusing way to learn more about someone else. As long as we keep this framework in its proper perspective, this – as well as any other personality test – can be an excellent way to understand more about the way a person thinks, feels, and acts.

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