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College Humor’s Ricky Van Veen Net Worth

Ricky Van Veen Life and Career

Rick Van Veen is known as being the co-founder of CollegeHumor, a popular comedy website. At only the bright young age of 32, his creativity and effort brought him the following success and net worth.

Annual Earnings: $10-$15 million a year before a main stake in CollegeHumor was sold to IAC/InterActiveCorp.
Net Worth: $25 million.

Most Popular Quotes by Ricky Van Veen

“Viral Videos aren’t just about being funny. They’re about identity creation.”

“If you have a great idea that can translate elsewhere, then that’s where the scalability comes in – and that’s where you can actually start to make real money.”

“When people tell you Web content is better than television content, they probably don’t mean that, they probably enjoy the format of the Web better than the format of TV.”

“All Internet comedy is niche comedy. If you do an Internet video about Halo, every Halo fan will send it to every other Halo fan. But if you did an episode of a network comedy that parodied Halo, most of your audience wouldn’t even get it.”

“If you’re a content brand, you have to be in every place your audience is. Sometimes your audience is on the couch and wants to watch a 30-minute show, and sometimes they’re checking their Facebook feed and want to see something that’s only a minute long.”

“On the Web you have to sum up what your piece of content is in one link or nobody is going to watch it. That’s the same thing I’ve been hearing from TV executives – is we need a program that you can have on the side of a bus and someone can watch it go by and get what the show is and want to watch it.”

“Notional is a production company with the DNA of an internet company that makes content for everything.”

Personal Business Ventures

Rick Van Veen is the CEO of Notional, a television production company. Notional was founded as a part of his brand born out of CollegeHumor. He is also one of the principal owners and founders of Connected Ventures, another company formed out of CollegeHumor that includes BustedTees and Vimeo.

Serving as the CEO of Notional, it was announced in 2009 that he would produce material for the traditional media of television. This includes shows such as “Chopped” on the Food Network.

Personal Life

As of February 2013, it was reported that Ricky Van Veen was dating Allison Williams, daughter of NBC newsman Brian Williams and star of “Girls.”

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