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The 9 Types of Facebook Users


What Type of Facebook User Are You?

Did you know that there are 9 basic types of people who use Facebook? Which of these categories do you fit into when it comes to your personal use of this gigantic social media websites? And what does that say about you?

The Stalker

Even though relationships may end in person, that doesn’t mean they always end when it comes to Facebook. The average stalker will log into their account an average of 14 times per day in order to catch the person they want to talk to online. They’ll even create separate profiles that can’t be blocked or log in as their friends to catch someone.

The Baby Boomer

As the Baby Boomer generation begins to age, it shows in how they utilize Facebook. Many of the people in this group, who are at least 55, spend most of their time trying to connect with their children online. This might be through wall comments, the video chat feature, or looking at album photos so they can feel connected to their grandkids.

The Rookie

This person has just joined Facebook… and they’ve got to make up for lost time! Those photos their friends posted four years ago? Have to like them! That comment chain that everyone is talking about? Have to say something about it! They like everything, comment on everything, and don’t realize that someone finding 74 notifications from their activities is a bit annoying.

The Sharing Superstar

From pictures of the Diet Coke they just purchased to sharing their vacation plans in infinite detail, this person lets you know what is going on in every moment of every day. The downside of this? Identity thieves can take this information and take them to the cleaners.

The Company Promoter

Some people are very proud of where they work. They’re so proud, in fact, that all they ever do is share information about what they did at work, how their company’s stock price is doing, and what new products or services are being offered. Thanks to the unsubscribe feature on Facebook, many of these posts are actually never seen by their friends.

The Paranoid User

Why is their profile on complete public lockdown? Because it is so obvious that their information will be used in some nefarious way by the government today! Don’t you realize how much the government can stalk you by simply looking at a public Facebook page! Even their profile name is going to be false just so that spy watching them can be misled.

The Curator

This person feels like it is their responsibility to make sure that everyone knows about all the cute cats, unicorns, and rainbows that the internet has to provide. If something has gone viral, chances are they’ve shared it. They’ll also share a ton of stuff in the hopes that it might go viral and they’ll have their own 15 minutes of daily fame too.

The Social Gamer

Why use Facebook for, you know, connecting with people when you can use it to farm your own virtual farm? Their quest for candies, equipment, and other gaming supplies can get to be annoying because it happens 42 times per day, but who cares? The social gamer HAS to get to the next level… or else!

The Non-User

They bowed to the peer pressure of having a Facebook profile, they signed up their close friends, but that’s all they’re going to do. Forget about liking a photograph or doing anything fun that might get tracked. You should be happy that they’re friends with you anyway!

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