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How to Take Good Professional Pictures


How To Take Photographs Like a Professional

Though photography can seem like something that everyone could be good at, it is a skill that is developed partially through talent and partially through knowing what the components of a good photograph are. When you know what to look for in a photograph, you can take your camera out virtually anywhere and come back with devastatingly beautiful images.

If you want to know how to take photographs like a professional, here is where to start:

Always take images from a personal perspective.

When you take a picture at eye level, you’re creating an image that was seen through your eyes and is now being seen by someone else. This gives your photograph a personal, almost relational appeal where the image seer feels like they have a relationship with you, the photographer.

Eliminate distracting elements from the background.

Photo bombs might make for a popular image on social media sites, but if you’re trying to create a great shot, you don’t want Uncle Jim coming in to show off his incredibly goofy smile in the background. Keep your backgrounds as simple as possible for whatever shot you’re taking and you’ll drive more focus toward the subject of your image.

Get close to an object.

The great thing about photography is that it allows you to explore the fine details of any object at any time. Your photograph can give people a new perspective about science, nature, or the personality of your dog with an image that is intensely close. Fill the frame of your image entirely with your subject material and you’ll create a stunning image that someone may never have seen before.

Use light to your advantage.

You don’t need to have a flash to create an amazing image of something. Adjust the light stops on your camera, experiment with different lighting sources, and you can create stunning profile images that take advantage of all the natural light that is available. Lighting can also create shadows that give an image a sense of depth, so try to take shadows into account the next time you are taking a picture.

Experiment with reflections.

Reflections can be found everywhere, from a window pane to a body of water. A reflection of a mountain landscape in a lake, for example, can give a double image that is both inspiring and artistic in nature. A reflection of a person in a window or a mirror can speak to how there are two sides of a particular issue. Don’t be afraid of reflections, but don’t let them distract from your image either.

Follow the rule of thirds.

When people look at an image, they look at it both vertically and horizontally in thirds. Each third of the image should have something interesting about it that can capture a viewer’s attention independently of the rest of the image, yet not be distracting to the image at large. When you can accomplish this in each vertical and horizontal third of a photograph, you’ll have created one of the best images you could have ever imagined, just like a professional photographer.

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