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Are You Using RGB or CMYK?

Almost everything that we see digitally and in print today originates from either a basic three colors or a basic four colors. The three color foundation, known as RGB, is fantastic for digital color manipulation and many basic home printing needs. The four color foundation, known as CMYK, offers crisper, warmer colors, but is often much more expensive than using three colors. If you’re getting ready to create graphics for your next marketing effort, should you be using a three color foundation or a four color one?

Digital Media Works Better with RGB

If you’re creating a digital media campaign, than it is much easier to utilize a RGB foundation for your visual elements. Red, green, and blue can be easily manipulated into over 16 million color potentials, allowing for you to create the depth and dynamic imagery that your marketing content may need. RGB is perfect for all electronic forms of media, including:

• CDs & DVDs,
• E-mails,
• Computer monitors,
• Televisions, and
• Any digital file.

These images are often smaller in size, creating a smaller digital file that is easier to upload to websites or send in HTML e-mails as well. For digital content, definitely go with RGB as your graphics foundation.

Print Media Works Better with CMYK

Using four colors for television images has been promoted recently, but a four color foundation like CMYK works better aesthetically in print media. Utilizing cyan, magenta, yellow, and black, there are over 1 million color variants that will create crisp lines, deep colors, and visually pleasing graphics on print media. Brochures, business cards, and even billboards are easily read using this set of color combination because the eye is better able to pick up fonts thanks to those crisp lines. This color combination also better accommodates professional printing processors, allowing for an easier and quicker final result for a print media marketing campaign. If you want to make a lasting first impression, go with a CMYK foundation for your print media today.

Still Not Sure What To Do?

If you’re not sure about which color foundation is right for you, then start with the RGB foundation for your graphics – especially if you have a graphics program like Adobe Photoshop available to you. Through the software, you can easily transfer your images from a three color foundation to a four color one if you find that the RGB combination just isn’t giving your the crispness you feel your presentation deserves.

If you’re ready to make a big splash with your marketing materials, then take the foundation of your graphics seriously. Thing RGB for digital media, CMYK for print media, and you’ll create the perfect first impression with your materials every single time.

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