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How to Become More Organized


You Can Be the Most Organized Person In the World

With work demands asking more of each of us in some way, the organization we have in our office and at home can sometimes end up being less than optimal. Counter tops tend to pick up tons of clutter. Dishes don’t get done as often. Laundry involves checking to see if a shirt doesn’t smell too bad to wear again. Work projects get lost in the shuffle of paperwork files. If you are proactive about organizing your spaces, however, you can feel at ease with the responsibilities you’ve got on a daily basis.

Getting Started

Organize your computer first.
For many of us in this modern age, our computers are basically the electronic version of our lives. A disorganized computer makes it difficult to locate files and information that we may need at a moment’s notice. For each major project you’ve got, create one main folder and then add sub-folders as they are needed. This makes it easy to share information about anything with just a couple clicks of the mouse.

vKeep your e-mail up to date.
Do you just let e-mails sit there after you’ve read them? Rather than let them clog up your inbox, do something with them! If you need to keep an e-mail, then create main folders to store those e-mails. If you don’t need to save them, then delete them.

Don’t allow clutter to pile up.
If you’ve got open countertops or desk space, then you know how fast they can attract clutter to them. Make it a personal rule to never allow clutter to invade, because it’s contagious. Once someone sees something left out, they’ll leave stuff out next to it as well. Be proactive and just make sure stuff gets put away.

Create an RSS feed.
RSS, which stands for Really Simple Syndication, can put together a feed of everything you want to catch up on when blogs and other forms of content are updated. This eliminates the need to visit several websites to try to find the new information because it is automatically sent to you and you can review it when you want.

Create a place where you can genuinely rest.
Many of us consider watching a movie or a favorite show as rest, but it really isn’t. To rest your mind, you need a place that can give you a place of quiet solitude. For many people, this place is the bedroom. Take the TV out of the bedroom, don’t allow any work to go in there, and make sure you take some time in there every day.

Use labeled containers to store items.
One of the biggest time wasters in the home and office is finding stuff that’s become lost. When you proactively put things away in clearly labeled containers, you’ll free up a lot of space because the mess will be organized. When you need something, you can then quickly find the container that it is in and get it.

Being organized does take a little work, but the payoff is immediate. You’ll end up being more productive and working less because instead of spending more time looking for things you need, you’ll be able to spend time completing projects. Try these tips today to become the most organized person in the world!

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