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Careers and Jobs for ISFJ Personality Profile

Careers and Jobs for ISFJ Personality Profile

Organization and structure are the foundation of the ISFJ profile. These individuals are very reliable and force themselves into a very ordered way of working. They enjoy facts and statistics and are detail-oriented. While these traits may hint that they do not understand this is certainly not the case. This profile does not like conflict and always takes other people’s feelings into consideration.


Bookkeepers are nothing if they are not orderly. The foundation of this profile is organization and this makes being a bookkeeper almost second nature. Facts and statistics will keep every office running smoothly and the details will turn a budding bookkeeper into a successful one. Being alone for long stretches of time is the norm in this field and not having to deal with conflict is a great benefit as well.

Child Care Provider

Child care professionals must be able to organize their day and enjoy spending time with screaming children. While children can be conflicting, this is much different than workplace arguments that this profile tends to avoid at all costs. Having a very close attention to detail will ensure that every child is looked after in a caring manner. Learning the personalities of new children and having fun further enhances the child care provider’s opportunities.

Office Manager

Managers of all types need to be organized and structured. Through organization, all those that they manage will be able to work in an efficient manner that bolsters the success of the manager even further. With the easy ability to take other people’s feelings into consideration, an office manager will be liked not only by their managers, but also by those that they govern. Facts and statistics will help a manager find areas of improvement and further excel throughout their career.


Paralegals are the backbone of any law office. These individuals have an immense responsibility and need to be able to make confident decisions at all times. Being organized and structured will further enhance a paralegal’s career as they will be left with figuring out all of the underlying research needed by a lawyer to win a case. Statistics and facts are the essence of a good paralegal and really help the ISFJ profile find a great career in the law field. Since a paralegal does not need to be present during a trial, they fit perfectly into the paralegal career as they simply do not like conflict that comes along with legal matters.

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