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Alan Mulally’s Leadership Style and Management Traits

Alan Mulally’s Leadership Style

Alan Mulally is the CEO of Ford Motors and has successfully been serving as their Chief Executive Officer, taking Ford through the second worst automobile industry crisis in history. The following leadership skills have helped Alan Mulally find and continue his success.

9 Simple Leadership Stategies

1. Have a clear and compelling vision that informs everything you do.
2. Have a plan you stick to that is simple.
3. Always work on a better plan.
4. Work together.
5. Include everyone.
6. Bigger is not always better.
7. Let the numbers speak for themselves.
8. Do not fear.
9. Be relentless.

Alan Mulally Leadership Quotes

“You have to know what you are and what you are trying to achieve.”

“Find your organization’s pole star and let it guide all of your decisions.”

“Working together always works.”

“Everybody has to be on the team. They have to be interdependent with each other.”

“Because it was all there for everyone to see, each executive not had a complete and up to date picture of how every facet of the business was functioning.”

“what I have learned is the power of a compelling vision.”

“It is about people working together for the good of all of us.”

“We believe this settlement provides what IAM-represented employees say they want in this contract, where they want it.”

“I just cannot emphasize enough what a strike would mean to us because we would absolutely be walking away from our commitments to our customers.”

“What’s your better plan?”

“There’s nowhere to hide… It’s all right there for everyone to see.”

“You’ve got to trust the process. You need to trust and nurture your emotional resilience.”

“What I have learned is the power of a compelling vision, a comprehensive strategy, a relentless implementation process, and talented people working together based on those commitments.”

“Do you have a point of view about the future? Check.”

Alan Mulally has been success in negotiating four new agreements with the United Auto Workers Union, bringing down labor costs from $76 to $55 a hour. He lives only three miles from his office in Dearborn, Michigan and is notoriously known for working 12 hours every day.

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