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101 Positive Affirmations for Anxiety and Stress Relief

Here are 101 positive affirmations to say daily for anxiety and stress relief.

#1 My worries are just a thought; they are not necessarily true.

#2 One moment at a time is all I can ever do.

#3 The past is no longer happening.

#4 People like me, and I am very likable. I can simply be myself.

#5 I am safe. I breathe slowly and deeply, letting my body remember that.

#6 I am sorry for the harsh words I have said to myself. They were not true.

#7 I pause to breathe and recollect my sense of self, beyond my thoughts.

#8 With each breath, I become more at ease.

#9 My body relaxes, my mind empties.

#10 I am able to recover from hard times. I give myself time to do so.

#11 I accept what is at this moment.

#12 The depth of who I am is always whole, always safe.

#13 When my thoughts run wild, my breath brings me home to peace.

#14 I let the sun warm me and melt away the worries of today.

#15 I step out of thoughts and let myself be present and still.

#16 I switch the lens I look through today to one of appreciation and positivity.

#17 I am doing enough.

#18 I release the stress and tension from my body, bit by bit, and then it’s gone.

#19 I can feel the deep peace within my soul, despite any external distractions.

#20 Stress is a signal that my thoughts have run wild, and its time to slow down.

#21 I am valuable because I am a human being. It really is that simple.

#22 Even if I fail at something, it is nothing personal. It is part of living.

#23 I can only ever live right now, in the present moment.

#24 When I feel anxious or stressed, I ask myself: where are you right now?

#25 I release any fixations with what I should do, and allow room to accept what is.

#26 I am a success. I simply am, and there is no external validation.

#27 It is okay to let go of some things so that I can find more peace.

#28 I do not need to do it all myself.

#29 I am not alone. I seek support regularly.

#30 There are no hard rules. I define what a good life looks like for me.

#31 I am not who I think I am; it is much deeper than that.

#32 I am doing as much as I can, and that is enough, more than enough.

#33 Things are never as bad as my mind would lead me to believe.

#34 I am mindful of what thoughts dance through my mind. They come, and they go.

#35 It is okay to be overwhelmed and need a break. I give myself plenty of space.

#36 I cannot be fully present and upset at the same time.

#37 I talk about what is going on for me, and it releases the tension.

#38 I take plenty of time for regular and vital self-care.

#39 I get outside and let adventure and nature release my concerns.

#40 I deserve love and support.

#41 A shower washes away the heavy thoughts from my being. I am fresh and renewed.

#42 I write, and each stroke of ink releases the thoughts from my mind, onto the page.

#43 Today I start fresh. The rest of my story is still unwritten.

#44 I put down responsibilities that are not mine. I do not need to carry them.

#45 My boundaries keep me safe and remind me what is not mine to worry about.

#46 I sit quietly and let the peace come.

#47 I am accepted exactly as I am, and there is nothing I need to do right now.

#48 I am gentle with myself today.

#49 I have a great support system around me.

#50 I do not rush to avoid how I feel. I find peace in being with what is.

#51 My reaction signals something deeper has been triggered. I observe without judgment.

#52 It is okay for me to ask for support.

#53 I focus on what is within my control. The rest is set aside.

#54 I pause and notice the simple beauty within my view.

#55 When my mind races, I pause to truly see the calm beauty in nature.

#56 My thoughts dictate my reaction. I choose wisely.

#57 I observe my thoughts as if they were butterflies, simply passing by.

#58 I am aware of the human tendency to worry and that it is often irrational.

#59 My thoughts, feelings, and worries are temporary. They always pass.

#60 I remember to slow down regularly, so I can actually live my life.

#61 I cannot predict the future. I let go of my assumptive worries.

#62 I take my time to map out what is truly important to me.

#63 My life is much richer and more beautiful than my worrying thoughts would tell me.

#64 Thinking is not the same as doing. I detach from thought and live fully.

#65 Sometimes clouds may seem heavy and grey, yet they bring life-giving rain. I accept both.

#66 I release any need to control things that are out of my control.

#67 All of me is here right now.

#68 I journal my thoughts, and it provides instant relief.

#69 It is normal to feel pressured at times. I am human.

#70 My perspective on events helps me see things in a lighter way.

#71 Individual events do not define my future expectations. I expect good things, regardless.

#72 I have flexible thinking and always look for different, healthier perspectives.

#73 I stop and reflect on all the great things I have achieved and obstacles overcome.

#74 I assume people think highly of me. I don’t get caught up in negative assumptions.

#75 Nobody is perfect.

#76 I am compassionate with myself and accept that I have normal human flaws, like everyone.

#77 Little things can trigger bigger things. I am compassionate with myself when that happens.

#78 I know what is my responsibility and what is not.

#79 Even in tough moments, I reframe from doubting myself.

#80 I accept all the emotions that come and go. None are bad.

#81 I leave some space in my mind between thoughts.

#82 I hold myself to high standards, yet not unachievable ones. I honor my limits.

#83 Perfect does not exist.

#84 Life can be tricky, but I am capable and well supported.

#85 I take a moment to monitor my reactions and check in with how I really feel.

#86 I am more than my thoughts and emotions.

#87 I am objective about how important things are so I don’t have unnecessary stress.

#88 When I share how I am feeling, it feels like the problems get smaller.

#89 I am open-minded and flexible to new ideas.

#90 I know things aren’t seen as they really are under stress. I wait and see.

#91 I am comfortable being uncomfortable sometimes. It is part of life.

#92 Trying something new can be scary, but I am proud that I’m willing to try.

#93 I listen to the message my body is sending me through my reactions.

#94 I am supported to unwind the messy thoughts until things make sense again.

#95 Everybody has fears and reactions. I ask for help with mine when I need it.

#96 I observe my thoughts rather than cling to them.

#97 I understand my reactions can be heightened by attaching heavily to my thoughts.

#98 I see the good in things, and it makes life a lot brighter.

#99 I accept my heavy feelings and sit with them. They soon shift.

#100 All is well, and I am safe.

#101 I accept who I am and where I am right now. No exceptions or regrets.

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