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16 Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Invitation Wording Ideas

Ugly Christmas sweaters have become increasingly popular. On Ebay alone, more than 38,000 ugly sweaters are listed with the highest paid sweater being $282. The average mark up on these sweaters are 200-500%. Each year, more and more participants are searching for sweater trends. Rather is by a DIY project or a run to the local thrift store, ugly Christmas sweaters are not ceasing to go out of style. To celebrate this annual occasion, a selection of ugly Christmas sweater party invitation wording ideas are listed below.

Deck the halls with ugly sweaters. Please join us for our annual ugly sweater party.

Each year the sweaters get more absurd, but tacky sweaters aren’t for the birds! They are the perfect attire for [name] Ugly Sweater Annual Christmas Party.

Eat. Drink. Be Merry. Put on your ugliest sweater and join us for this can’t miss event. Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 ugliest sweaters.

If your sweaters get ugly as cold weather begins. Here’s a party where you are sure to blend in!

It’s a holiday celebration. Please join us for an ugly sweater party.

Let’s face it, those sweaters are festive but wacky. So put on your finest and make sure its tacky.

Let’s piece together a few good friends to celebrate as the holidays begin.

May all your sweaters be Ugly and Bright.

Now dash away all to buy the tackiest sweater you can find! You have mocked them at stores and may have even cringed at the sight. But now here’s your chance to wear one tonight.

On Tacky! On Ruffled! on Loud and Gawdy! Come Sequined! Come Glittered! Come Fringed and Shoddy!

Put on your ugliest holiday sweater and join us for an ugly sweater party. Food. Cocktails. Prizes.

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly. May all your sweater be ugly and bright. As you indulge in sweet treats sure to delight.

We’re surrounded by sweaters, so we may as well give in and wear our own fine specimens’til sweater madness ends.

What could be better than an ugle Christmas sweater. Please join us for our annual ugly Christmas sweater party.

When it comes to selecting a Christmas sweater… Ugly is good but horrid is better. Please join the [name] for their annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.

You’re invited to our special bash. Here’s your chance to make a splash. Be sure to wear a Christmas sweater, the uglier, the better. So mug a grandma, trawl a thrift shop. An elegant choice would be a flop. The most obnoxious earns the praise, celebrate the kitschy side of the holidays.

The below infographic outlines the essential elements to an ugly sweater. Added characteristics with 3D elements, music, and puff balls will be sure to give you added attention. By 2012, the trend of Ugly sweater events were on the rise. From charities to marathon runs.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Trends

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