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A Look at Facebook Page Performance by Industry


Facebook is the world’s largest social network and also the most omnipotent one. Several other social networking and social media sites have emerged over the last three to five years and many have tried to outsmart and outpace the run of Facebook. Yet, the impact of Facebook and its range of utilities for businesses across different industries have become more relevant and rewarding than ever before. Despite the rewarding benefits of using Facebook, not all industry has been able to generate the desired momentum. Some industries have hit the bull’s eye while some industries have not been able to make any mark whatsoever.

Facebook Growth and Demographics

Regardless of what industry your business is in, you ought to be aware of the potential outreach, impression and engagement that your business can benefit from when employing Facebook as an advertising, branding and promotional tool. In our extensive info-graphic, you would come across more than half a dozen industries that have been phenomenally successful in generating fans, creating a massive outreach among existing and new fans, engaging the fans or Facebook users through the overall presence and specific content marketing strategies. Understanding the statistics and the dominance of industries on the social network fray is essential to know how Facebook would host specific aspirations and in what ways it would contribute to the accomplishment of specific objectives.

How to Seek Growth

The statistics and trends showed in the info-graphic are based on an industry-wide scale. It does include cases of every industry that have not worked as well. Considering all cases of success and failure, the info-graphic pegs every specific industry at a certain rank based on its different impacts. Whether you are a social media and social networking specialist, an internet marketer or a company looking at exploring Facebook to promote your brand, to reach out to your fans and to increase your revenue by increasing sales then this info-graphic would offer you relevant and objective sneak peeks into how Facebook is functioning and rewarding specific industries.

The info-graphic is also helpful because it can allow a company, in accordance to its industry, to relook into its strategies and come up with revised plans that can be far more effective than the approaches endorsed and implemented in the recent past. 2014 may have certain substantial and many insignificant changes but 2013 clearly has some favorites as far as the list of industries getting rewarded from Facebook is concerned.

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