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9 Ways to Increase Productivity at Work


An average professional has some very productive days and some bland days. Any ordinary person will have some days when he or she would feel highly motivated and would get the tasks done very efficiently. On other days, the same person will feel lethargic, will struggle to complete the tasks on time and will also do a poor job. We are not talking about emotional upheavals, poor health or motivational factors. We are talking about the simple reality of productivity. It is impossible for someone to be perennially productive or hyper productive. If you wish to increase productivity, then you need to develop some of these best practices.

1) Avoid working overtime.
Don’t work all the time. Cap the time you wish to work and decide how much you wish to work. Consider a very real situation. A professional works seven days a week around ten hours every day and gets the same work done as another professional working five days a week for around six or seven hours a day. The latter professional is clearly more productive. Would you rather spend more time at work doing less work or should you complete your work early and enjoy life? Productivity is not about how much work you do or how much time you take but how much work you do in a given period of time.

2) Multitasking is the most hyped up concept of this century.
Ask recruiters and even aspirants, they all highlight how multitasking is quintessential. It is actually a major problem when it comes to productivity, quality of the work done and also to health. Multitasking leads to more errors, it slows down every individual trying to battle too many disassociated or even associated matters, it doesn’t augur well for the work culture and it takes a toll on the professional.

3) Work in natural light if you can.
Getting exposed to sun spikes metabolism, one feels energetic and the spirit is high. Professionals seated near or next to windows are often invulnerable to seasonal affective disorders. Those who are continuously away from the bright wide world outside will be vulnerable to inefficiency.

Say no when you need to, avoid chasing perfection, take your time to get a think and replenish yourself, exercise every day, sleep well, have sprint sessions while working to increase efficiency and work smart. No one knows what perfection is in a given context. You cannot say yes to everything and still be productive. You cannot keep your spirits up when you don’t sleep well and exercise.

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