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9 Ways to Save Time with Marketing Automation


How much time do you spend responding to repetitive tasks each week? Is it 1 hour? 5 hours? More?

What could you do with that time if you could automate these basic marketing chores? These methods are simple and will free up your time to focus more on what you love.

1) Personalized Offers
If your website can show a visitor content or offers that feel personalized, then you can get a bump of up to 20% in sales. This one simple automation helps to build relationships for you because it gives your brand a voice when it is needed most.

2) Amplification
Responses will always amplify your presence. If you automate your follow-up emails or social media messages, then you’ll reach more influencers. It is possible to triple your reply rates this way.

3) Social Media Posts
If you automate your posts for social media, you’ll be able to keep your content fresh. You’ll keep your profile fresh. You’ll have more people looking at your stuff. You can even automate your advertising on social media, if you wish.

4) Post-Purchase Communication
Did you know that it might cost your business 30 times more to obtain a new customer than it does to retain an old one? By automating your communication efforts following a sale, it becomes easier to maintain or even upsell your existing client base.

5) Lead Scoring
Demographic, behavioral, and even purchasing information can lead to segmenting benefits. Automating this process can help you to identify the people who are ready to be contacted and those that are still on the fence.

6) Loyalty Programs
About half of all consumers, in any industry, will switch to a different brand for a discount. Automate your loyalty process and you’ll be able to prevent this from happening.

7) Lead Nurturing
You could schedule time to send out emails to leads to nurture them through your sales funnel. You could also automate that process to save time and get a bump of 10%, if not more, in your revenue.

Automation might feel like a hands-off approach to you, but it won’t feel that way to your leads and customers. They’ll receive a friendly user experience and you’ll have more time to follow your passion. That’s a win/win situation.

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