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9 Ways to Get Into the Zone and Increase Productivity


It feels good to be productive, especially if you’re an entrepreneur. Productivity means a chance to earn more. Here are ways you can add some intensity to your focus right now.

1) Know when to be working.
Every person has their own unique peak time of productivity. Think back through your last week of work. When did you feel like you got the most accomplished? Then organized your schedule so the most challenging items on your agenda happen during that highly productive period.

2) Visualize your goals.
Picture yourself being more productive. What are you doing in your vision that is different? What physical feelings do you experience while you are visualizing your goals? Now replicate that experience.

3) Set a specific goal.
If you can achieve success during your day, then it will spread like a contagious disease. Meeting productivity goals helps you become even more productive until the end of the day.

4) Listen to sounds that enhance your focus.
Music or sounds that do not include lyrics or spoken words can encourage creativity. It may even help some people work faster. Look for classical music, sounds from nature, or binaural beats to create the best possible atmosphere.

5) Add a touch of nature.
People who add a natural touch to their work environment tend to be more productive. Include a plant or two on your desk if you can. Use pictures of your favorite places in nature. Take a walk outside when you can. If nothing else, put a green background on your computer. It will help.

6) Meditate.
Just 15 minutes of meditation every day can help the mind stay focused so you can be productive. The best part is that the effects of meditation are cumulative. Three 5-minute meditation breaks during the day equal one 15-minute session. Even if you take 30-60 seconds to decompress, it will make a difference.

7) Adjust the schedule.
Create time periods where you respond to emails, check social media, and accomplish other tasks. Shut down these apps or programs outside of these periods. Consider using an app that can block specific sites, apps, or tasks if your struggle to do it on your own.

You can be more productive. It can start today. Incorporate these suggestions into your routine and see how much more you can accomplish.

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