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9 Vital Tips for Mobile Email Marketing Campaigns


Mobile devices are dominating the world of brand data today. If content isn’t mobile-friendly, then it will likely be ignored or deleted. 3 out of 4 people say that they even delete emails they receive if they are hard to read on their smartphone.

These methods will help you be able to encourage those mobile users to stick around and learn more about your brand.

1) Keep It Short
Get straight to the point, especially with your subject lines and titles. This will format the content better for mobile devices and make a precise statement about what you’re attempting to communicate.

2) Prioritize
You should always put the most important information you’re trying to communicate at the top of your message. Additional key points can be added throughout. Most mobile readers will look at the first sentence and the last sentence, along with the occasional bullet point. Skimming is very common, especially on smartphones.

3) Be Responsive
A responsive template will automatically recognize the device being used to access the content. It will then format it correctly to appear on the device. If you’re not using a responsive template for your site or emails already, do so now.

4) Keep the White Space
White space in content is like a deep breath. It offers the reader a chance to pause, collect themselves, and reflect on what they just read.

5) Font Size
Mobile readers are usually trying to consume content in a less-than-favorable situation. A larger font will allow them to read the content better on a smaller screen. Send the reader on a journey, from start to finish, that feels like a logical progression for your offered thesis.

6) Call Them to Action
Ever try to click a small link with your finger on a smartphone? Doesn’t always work well, does it? Having large action buttons and links with bold colors make it much easier for people to perform the call to action that you’ve inspired upon them. Then make sure the conversion site is also mobile-friendly.

Improving your mobile campaign means having good content structure. It means providing a good user experience. In doing so, you’ll meet the unique challenges of a mobile reader and that can help you improve your ROI.

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