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9 Times When You Should Give Up


There are times when it is better to persevere. There are also times when it is better to give up and move on. Here are the times when giving up might be the best choice to make.

1) Your Performance is Subpar.
Rewards can be highly motivating. They might also reduce your overall performance. If you feel unmotivated by rewards that are set for a goal you’re working toward, then walking away is probably the better choice.

2) You Focus on the Outcome.
If you find yourself focused on the outcome more than the tasks being completed in the present, then you will likely increase feelings of discouragement.

3) You Are Losing Sleep.
If you are fighting insomnia regularly because there are stressful projects bothering you, then it might be the healthy choice to walk away. You might feel bad about giving up; however, you’ll promote better sleep and reduce bothersome symptoms, like a bad headache.

4) You Miss Opportunities.
Having tunnel vision on a project can improve your overall productivity. It can also cause you to miss new opportunities. People who switch to at least 5 new positions over a 15+ year career are more likely to reach the C-Suite.

5) Failure Creates a Bad Habit.
If you fail enough times, it creates a habit which invites more failure. You expect a poor performance from yourself. Walk away from a project with a low chance of success to avoid this issue.

6) You Compromise Your Values.
People who are facing a difficult goal are more likely to choose unethical practices to find success. Once this compromise is made, you are more likely to keep using unethical practices for easy goals too. If you find yourself considering a compromise to your core values, then walk away.

7) Your Health is Failing.
The constant presence of cortisol, the stress hormone, increases the amount of inflammation the body experiences. Prolonged stress also produces higher levels of C-reactive proteins, which is linked to early aging, heart disease, and even diabetes.

There are times when persisting is the right thing to do. Then there are times when quitting is the best thing you can do. If your tasks no longer serve your best interests, then remove the burdens. It’s that simple.

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