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9 Keys to Creating a High Performance To Do List


Having a task list is imperative. Everyone should schedule every hour of the workday and try to make the most of every commitment. Using an organizer or some kind of scheduling tool will get you a task list but it may not be of much help. Task lists are much more than just having a routine. You can easily jot down everything you wish to do. You may accommodate meetings and discretionary timings for certain tasks. You can have any approach you want but you need to ensure that the task list actually helps your day. Many professionals get drowned simply because they have an exhaustive task list. It is no good to have a schedule or organizer when you cannot save time or increase your productivity. Here is how you should prepare a task list that helps your day.

1) Prioritize Your Tasks.
There are some tasks that must be done and should be done now. There are some tasks that can be moved to a later slot or another day. As long as you don’t forget about those less important tasks, you can also schedule them for a later time or day. Focus on the most important tasks and you would not be drowned under work. Often, the insignificant or less consequential tasks take up a lot of time and that stresses professionals because the more important stuff needs more time and focus. Prioritize well and you would always be a step ahead.

2) Automate All the Tasks that Can be Automated.
Depending on your profession and profile, you may use software or certain systems to automate the daily chores. You can have secretaries or get someone to do a few tasks that don’t require your intervention. There are some tasks you can do on your way to work or when you are having your morning coffee. Make good use of whatever time you have available for tasks that don’t require your unfailing focus. Repetitive tasks must be automated. Even if the solution costs money upfront, the time it saves and the accuracy of the outcomes will be worthwhile.

3) Always Begin Your Day with the Most Complicated Tasks.
When you are fresh and raring to go, your mind is at its active best and you can get more work done in less time. Keep simpler and less significant tasks for the latter half of the day.

4) Do Away With All Distractions at Your Workplace and Schedule Breaks.
You can use these breaks for some minor tasks or less important stuff. Without scheduled and strategic breaks your whole day will be one never ending task list.

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