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9 Fantastic B2B Inbound Marketing Tips

Inbound marketing seems like the Holy Grail of the B2B world. Instead of trying to go out into the world to find prospects, inbound marketing brings them directly to you. That means no more chasing, no more of constantly being told “No,” and the chance to close more often. It’s pretty easy to have effective B2B inbound marketing. You simply need to follow three basic rules.

1. Always take time to get to know each customer on an individualized level.
2. Create content that provides value to your B2B prospects that may be on the fence.
3. Publish your content where your ideal B2B prospects tend to congregate.

To bring B2B prospects in, you’ve first got to put your brand and message out to the world at large. When you are able to do so and you’ve followed these three rules, then all you’ve got to do is watch for leads, engage them when they appear, and then close the deal. The following tips are going to help you do just that.

1. Make The Content Of Your Marketing Be Your #1 Priority.

In the last 25 years, the tables have turned in the B2B world. Inbound marketing happens naturally because your prospects are able to research almost everything about your goods and services. Even the reputation of your brand is available for public consumption. Almost the entire journey is completed before a B2B prospect decides to contact your company. That’s why content must always be your #1 priority. Without good content, you won’t get good prospects.

Content creation today can take on many forms. The most common might be in the form of a blog or a free download, but anything that can speak directly to the prospect is good content. Consider adding these options to your marketing efforts.

  • Whitepapers.
  • Seminars or Webinars.
  • Case Studies.

2. Don’t Make The Contact Procedure A One-Way Street.

When you hit a landing page online today, there are three basic elements you always see: a call to action, a box to put in an email address, and whatever the item of value being offered happens to be. It works, which is why so many are doing it, but take your inbound marketing to the next level. Offer multiple ways for a B2B prospect to convert. Contacting you might be the last thing someone wants to do. Sometimes all you need to do is get someone’s attention to make a big impact. If you don’t offer that kind of value, then you won’t get the business.

3. Let Your Website Become A Living, Breathing Entity.

Many websites today look like a sales brochure from 1974. They’ve become the modern version of “let me leave some information with you in case you change your mind.” How many times does a big sale come from a marketing brochure or a business card? It might happen, but the chances aren’t good. B2B prospects have questions and want answers. Design a website that provides this in a meaningful way. Let the website do the work. Even something as simple as a chat box for questions not covered in your FAQ section can be enough to change someone’s mind.

4. Your Social Media Strategy Matters More Than You Think.

There’s Facebook. Twitter. Reddit. Pinterest. LinkedIn. Tumblr. Vine. Many entrepreneurs are creating niche social media platforms for B2B interactions. In some ways, even a crowdfunding website like Kickstarter provides a certain element of social interaction. You need a strategy to find your customer segments, engage with them, and provide continuing value that will keep them within your sales funnel. Social media is where the people behind the business are. A strategy that personalizes the process builds relationships. It’s that simple.

5. Don’t Be Afraid To Solve Some Problems Now.

More than a quarter of the time that people spend on the internet today is spent being social in some way. That’s good news when it comes to inbound marketing because people are naturally disposed to contacting others when there’s something that they need. It also means that you’ve got the perfect opportunity to generate responses by discovering segment specific problems and solving them right now. Something as simple as improving an internal communication process can be enough to get a B2B prospect deeper into the sales funnel.

6. Don’t Be Afraid To Share Loudly And Often.

Your online reputation encompasses how you treat people in real life and how you treat them in online life. To share loudly, you don’t have to type in all caps to get a prospect’s attention. Sharing fact-based information consistently and without an expectation for anything in return will boost your reputation in that prospect’s eyes. Do it often and you’ll eventually bring that prospect into a contact that they initiate. When that happens, you’ll have saved over 60% on the marketing costs to get that contact compared to all other outgoing techniques.

7. Make The Data Easy To Consume.

People today feel like they have only seconds to look for new data and then absorb it. This means having lengthy content isn’t always the best answer. Absolutely have 1,000 words of valuable content on your blog, but promote it through social media and other online platforms through a visual summary. Take one sentence that sums up the value that is being shared, incorporate it into a stunning visual graphic, and then let people process it. Not only is visual data processed faster, but it creates a good first impression.

8. Consider Making Infographics.

If you have success with short blurbs of information that promote your content and value, then consider turning some of that data into an infographic. This gives you the advantage of having your information easy to share through word of mouth marketing while providing relevant information that can be used right now. If you do create infographics, make sure that you source all of your materials since 90% of all statistics on the internet today are just made up. In return, you may just find more B2B leads excited about what you’ve got to offer.

9. Be Patient With Your Marketing Campaign.

The journey isn’t walked hand-in-hand with B2B leads today. They’re doing the walking on their own and they’re going to do it on their own time. Let’s face it – businesses are incredibly busy today and fast action only occurs when something is desperately needed. Keep doing what you’re doing and promote the value that you have. Your patience will pay off in time.

B2B inbound marketing will make you more money per customer it secures. Incorporate these tips into your process and you may just find that your sales funnel will become a traffic jam of opportunity.

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