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How to Identify Bad Sales Leads


Have you ever had a bad date? Almost every person who dates will have some bad ones. Leads are just like your dates. They can be good, bad or something in between. As you would read your dates and try to avoid the bad ones, you should also assess your leads so you can get to work with the most promising ones so you can effectively utilize your time, effort and resources.

There are usually four kinds of dates you can have. You may end up in a date with someone who is super busy, someone who is an outright player, someone who isn’t interested in you and someone who can be best described as a cheapskate. If you get to a date whom you like and who likes you, then it is a win-win but we all know how rare that is. And in the realm of lead generation and sales, it is the rarest thing you will come across.

Here’s the approach to assess your leads with key takeaways from this infographic.

1) The Busy Lead Has A Ton On His Or Her Plate.
Busy leads will always be pressed for time, they will forget to commit and might review commitments to attend to priorities and they would be hard to get down to business. When you deal with busy leads, you will never get to break the ice straightaway and you will certainly not be able to get something going. You may be kept on hold or you may have to just hang around for their attention. Instead of doing all of this, what you should do is try and find a common ground or something that is of as much interest to you as it is to the lead. When a busy lead finds something to be prioritized in their association with you, they would display remarkable focus.

2) The Player Is The Kind of Date That You Will Come Across Often.
While not every player may be good at their game, they tend to think that they are the best. And, that is what makes them most vulnerable and easy to work with. Players usually look for multiple options and weigh those choices before settling for one. Simply understand what they are looking for and place your proposition accordingly.

3) The Uninterested Date Is Not Worth Working On.
You cannot wait for eight months to get some positive signs. Instead of working on such leads, simply put them through the lead nurturing process.

4) The Worst Kind Of Lead Is The Cheapskate.
They would expect the best product or service in the world at the cheapest price. Cheapskates would often take you on a ride.

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