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9 Diaper Shower Invitation Wording Examples

Planning a diaper shower is focused on acquiring as many essential supplies as needed for the new baby’s arrival. Diaper themed invitations in the shapes of diapers are ideal for planning for this type of party. Diaper themed games will also help to create a fun environment to include decorations and snacks related to diaper duty. A selection of the best diaper shower invitation wording examples to help inspire you will get you started on the right foot. These wording examples have been shared by others and intended to get your own creativity started.

(1st child name) has been so much fun, they decided to have another one! A baby (gender) is on the way, come help us celebrate this special day! Please bring a little gift from the heart, a pack of diapers (size X) to give them a good start!

Baby smiles and giggles galore. They’re so much fun we’re having one more. Big Bother has plenty to share We need only your company to show that you care. Please join us to celebrate before Baby is due. We just can not wait to see all of you!

Daddy is about to have a new duty, that’s why we need diapers to put on her booty! so bring wipes and diapers, thats what you can do! and then we will feed you some great BBQ!!

Diaper Raffle for Twins. Double the mouths to feed, Double changing we will need. Please bring a pack of diapers to help with the twins, Every pack equals a ticket for a raffle somebody wins!

Diapers and pins! Buttons and bows! Boy or girl? Nobody knows!

My Mommy and Daddy have a special request . If you could please bring a bag of diapers, any size will do, No matter how big I get, I will still need a place to poo. If this is something that you could be so kind to do, My Mommy will have a special gift, Something special to give to one person she will randomly choose.

Pampers, wipes, and diaper cream, but please no more baby booties. Heather already has lots of pretty baby things, so let’s help her get ready for diaper duty.

To add a little extra glee and help the parents-to-be, Please bring a little extra from the heart. An unwrapped pack of diapers & wipes, To give them a good start!

Wipes, Diapers, Bottles Galore (MOM) And (DAD) are having one more! Big (sister/brother-name) has plenty to share. This is a “Sprinkle” to show them that we care! Please join us to celebrate their little cutie And bring them some diapers to cover her Booty.

The average baby will be changed more than 6,100 times before they are potty trained. This is broken down to an average of 8 times a day for 25 months. With more than 4 million babies born each year in the United States, the need for disposable diapers are large. This can produce more than 5.1 million tons of waste year. If you are considering the differences between using disposable or cloth diapers, the below infographic provides some facts and trends regarding these two options for parents.

Cloth vs Disposable Diapers

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