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50 Inspirational Selling Quotes to Motivate You to Close

Being in sales is a tough job. It can often become frustrating, particularly when the going gets tough. It is very important that you find sources or reasons to motivate yourself. The best counter to frustration, disappointment, depression and even anxiety is motivation.

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Methods to Increase Sales

50 motivational sales quotes to get you pumped up is a compilation of some of the finest thoughts that experts and noted personalities have expressed over time. Some of the quotes are from sales professionals of repute, some are from business coaches, some are from leaders and some from investors and entrepreneurs who have made their mark in their own unique ways.

Getting Motivated

Motivation is not always sourced from philosophies or realizations of reality. Motivation can be derived from knowing the simplest truths and some really insightful words that are relevant to the sales profession. Something as simple as ‘Stop selling, start helping” speaks volumes of what you should be doing.

Sales professionals have a natural tendency to go overboard with their pitch. Some become aggressive while some become too pushy. Some do not listen and are too bogged down with pressures of targets and deadlines. Some lose sight of what is important, which is the customer, while getting entangled with the technical details, features and unique selling points of a product or service. The moment you stop selling and try to help a customer with their problems, you job as a salesperson becomes simple.

What Customers Think

Customers are not interested in knowing how your company has come up with a great spec in the product or how the service has been conceptualised. Customers are not interesting in knowing all the achievements of your company or how the product has been conceived to be. Customers are inclined to judge the product or service based on what they need. How can what you are offering be of help and value to the customer. A customer will not have a viewpoint that the product developer or service deliverer would have. When you start to help a customer, you tend to think from their perspective and you can then reach out to the customer not as a salesperson but as a friend who doesn’t have a sales pitch but a solution to their problem or a way to help their life become better or more convenient.

There are many such quotes that will not just motivate you and pump you up but also give you some insightful advice to become a better salesperson.

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