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Impressive Film Industry Statistics

Everybody loves a good film. More films, in fact, are crossing the $300 million domestic gross line in the United States than ever before. Films today are grossing more than $1 billion in total revenues in the worldwide box office! This is even with file sharing and illegal online streaming affecting film revenues.

Film Industry Facts and Statistics

Every film since 1995 has grossed over $300 million when inflation is accounted for in the ticket price.

The top film category over the last 20 years has been comedies. With more than 22% of the total market share, it has about 1 full percentage point over the market share for adventure movies. On the flip side, musicals account for just 1% of the total film industry market share of the last two decades, even though their average gross is more than double that of the average drama movie.

Fast Facts About The Film Industry

1. Warner Brothers has dominated the film industry as a distributor, accounting for 15% of the total revenues. The Walt Disney Company comes in second with a 14% share.
2. PG-13 movies are the most popular movies to see. Although R movies have a higher revenue share than PG movies do, the average gross of a PG movie is almost triple of the average gross of an R movie.
3. Live action movies account for 80% of the movies that are released annually.

Takeaway: One of the criticisms of the movie industry has been their over-reliance on the rated R movie and it is a legitimate question to ask. The average R movie only takes in about $10 million per film. In comparison, the average PG movie brings in about $30 million per movie. Would there be dramatically more revenues if the movie industry would produce more PG films that are family friendly? Possibly – in the last 20 years, an R movie has never been the top grossing movie of the year.

Other Facts to Consider About the Film Industry

1. The total domestic box office gross in the United States was $12.9 billion in 2013.
2. The minimum daily pay rate for someone who is represented by the Screen Actor’s Guild is $782.
3. The top grossing distributor in the United States in 2013 was Dreamworks.
4. Over 361,000 people are employed in some way at any given time because of the film industry.
5. The average gross of a superhero movie in the last 20 years is over $130 million. The next highest category for total gross? Kid’s fiction at $54 million per movie.
6. 24 films that were rated NC-17 were released in the last two decades, generated just $2.2 million in total revenues.
7. The average revenues generated for a movie that is released without a rating is just $450,000.

Takeaway: Households that have children tend to be the biggest demographic that attends the average movie. Because of this, it is understandable to see what G movies have a higher domestic gross in the United States than even PG movies. Maybe even more unbelievable is the fact that over 12% of the total employee base within the film industry is below the age of 20. If you can break into this industry, there’s a good chance to make excellent money. Could the way to do that be to create your own PG movie?

Film Industry Facts and Trends

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