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9 Categories that All Facebook Friends Fall Into


Facebook is one of the most popular social media websites in existence. Everyone is constantly logged into their Facebook account, but what are they really doing? Let’s take an up close look at what really happens on an average day on Facebook.

Age and Facebook

When Facebook was still fairly new in 2008, the average age of a Facebook user was 33. However, more and more people from the older generation are looking to join in on the cult phenomenon. The average age of a Facebook user in 2012 was 38 and the trend is only likely to continue.

What’s Happening?

Facebook is a medium to share cool events and post photos that you want to share with your Facebook friends. On an average day, 20% of Facebook user swill post a comment on someone else’s photo. 26% of people like another person’s content and 22% will post a message about someone’s status update. Only about 15% of Facebook users actually update their own status on a typical day.

What Types of Friends Do You Have?

When it comes to Facebook friends, it is possible to break everyone down into different distinguishable categories. Some of the most popular friend categories are from high school and family. Facebook has become the best casual platform to stay updated with people that you might not actually talk to otherwise. This means that most Facebook users have about 22% of their friends that are from high school and about 12% of their Facebook friends that are extended family members. Other Facebook friend categories that are discernible including neighbors, coworkers, family and people that you have never met. However, people that you never met and neighbors only account for about 10% of many peoples Facebook friends.

How Often Do You Get On?

Most users of Facebook update their status at least once per week and almost 82% have sent a private message at some point. Other popular things to do on Facebook include liking content and commenting on another user’s age at least once each day. More than half of Facebook users get on this social media site every day, which is by far the largest percent of any social media site in existence. An average day on Facebook is pretty similar for most users, but it is possible to sue this social media platform in a new way.

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