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3 Good FBLA Fundraising Ideas

FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) helps students prepare for success. While the program offers kids a number of excellent opportunities, many of them can be quite costly to organize. Raising money for FBLA needs to be a group effort, and each person must do their part to make the effort a success. Below are some great FBLA fundraising ideas that your group can use to raise money.

1. Sell a Service

Selling services can be an effective way to raise money for your group. Choose a service that people already use or a service that is in high demand. Services can be performed in exchange for a donation to FBLA. Some service ideas include:

• Shoveling snow. If you live in an area that receives quite a bit of snow, a snow shoveling service can raise quite a bit of money.
• Car washing and waxing. Offer to wash and wax cars in the neighborhood. Advertise the event through flyers and word of mouth.
• House cleaning. Offer cleaning services to residents in a particular area. You may need a large group of volunteers for this fundraiser.
• Dog walking. Volunteer to walk dogs in exchange for a donation.
• Pet sitting. Offer to watch pets while the owner is away. A donation can be made in exchange for your service.
• Host a beauty salon before a big school dance. Offer makeup, hair and nail services before the dance.
• Sell Santa services during the holidays. Ideas include: Rent a Santa, pictures with Santa and a Santa pancake breakfast. You can host these events in the school or a local donated venue, such as firehouse.
• Offer a catering service for local events. To make this fundraiser a success, you need to have a group of volunteers that also happen to be talented cooks.

2. Host an Event

Fundraising events are one of the best ways to raise money for your group. Although they require quite a bit of planning and organization, they tend to be the most profitable option. Below are some event ideas that your FBLA group can host.

• Casino night. This would be an adult-only event, and you will need to get in touch with your local gaming commission to ensure that you are following the appropriate laws and regulations. Host a casino night at the school or in a donated venue. Charge a fee for admission and sell concessions.
• Host a pumpkin carving contest. This is the perfect fundraiser to host in the fall. You can host the contest at the school or outdoors. Charge a fee for the pumpkin and carving tools. Sell concessions and offer door prizes to raise money. The winner will receive a prize.
• Host a haunted house. This is another great fundraiser to host in the fall. Set up a haunted house using classrooms in the school. Make sure that you get permission from the school for this event. Have members of the group and other volunteers set up and act as performers during the haunted house. Ask the drama department to help donate some props, makeup and other items that you may need.

• Sponsor a basketball tournament. Hold a basketball tournament at the school. Ask students and faculty to get involved and create their own teams. Charge an admission fee to watch the game and sell concessions.
• Host a spaghetti dinner. Charge a fee for each plate and host the event in the school cafeteria. Decorate the cafeteria and include a viewing of a movie during the dinner. A spaghetti dinner is simple and inexpensive.
• Host a raffle for Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year. Host a raffle that celebrates the romance of this holiday by giving away a special Valentine’s Day weekend package. Ask local businesses to contribute to the package.
• Pie in the Eye event. Have group members and teachers compete to see who can raise the most money. The winners will have the chance to hit the losers in the face with a cream pie.
• Host an ugly tie event. Have students and teachers compete to win the ugliest tie title. The winner will receive a prize. Ask local businesses to donate a prize for the event. An ugly tie can also be an appropriate prize.

3. Sell Items

Selling items is one of the most basic ways to raise money for your group.

• Sell used books, video games and CDs. In the beginning of the year, ask for donations and collect items throughout the year. Towards the end of the year, host a sale and sell the donated items.
• Sell holiday cards. You can choose to have the group make the cards, or you can purchase cards at a discounted rate and sell them.
• Sell food items. Baked goods, such as pies, cookies, cupcakes and cakes, are all great sellers – especially during the holiday season. Chocolate covered strawberries, pretzels, bagels and pizza are other great food sale ideas.

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