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9 Best WordPress Facebook Plugins


1. Add Link to Facebook

This top plugin automatically adds links to posts and pages published to your Facebook wall, pages, or groups. With a one time set-up, you can easily customize links on Facebook and how they appear. This plugin also allows for the integration of Facebook comments and likes with the ability to copy comments to your own WordPress database for archiving, editing, or replying.

2. Facebook

This Facebook plugin allows for Facebook social plugins to appear on your WordPress site. Advanced features are including such as automatically sharing your posts on Facebook’s timeline and page. You can add custom post types and statuses. This plugin is supported by other popular plugins and themes, developed by Facebook with added support.

3. Facebook Tab Manager

The Facebook Tab Manager plugin allows the user to create landing pages and other content displayed within Facebook. These tabs can appear on a variety of Facebook pages, adding interesting layouts and functionality with ease. It is specifically designed with added support for iframe with the ability to specify how content is displayed on canvas page. This plugin allows for the integration of shortcodes and other plugin functions.

4. Recent Facebook Posts

The Recent Facebook Posts plugin allows for a listing of the most recent posts to appear, rending updates to be displayed within a post widget. This plugin is SEO friendly with the ability of posts to become indexed by search engines. This high performance plugin is customizable and blends easily within any theme with easy configuration and comprehensive installation guide.

5. Simple Facebook Plugin

This plugin enables your Facebook page to attract and gain likes from your blow. It displays the current number of likes, recent posts from the page, and a like box so there is no need to visit the Facebook page directly to perform the same functions.

6. Custom Facebook Feed

The Facebook Feed plugin is focused on completely customizing a responsive and search engine friendly version of your Facebook feed on your website. It allows you to make the look and feel with mobile optimization. Display feeds from multiple different Facebook pages with the ability to use shortcode and embed onto your page, post, or widget. Events can be displayed from your feed with the ability to add and establish your own custom CSS.

7. Social Facebook All in One

The Facebook All in One widget allows the displaying of your website with customized jQuery accordion. It allows for the integration of a like box, activity feed, recommendations, registration, and more.

8. Spider Facebook

Spider Facebook allows for all social widget and plugins from Facebook to be displayed on the web. Integrated like button, send button, comments box, activity feed, and recommendations box are all included.

9. Facebook Profile Master

All Facebook user badges and follow button is shared on your site along with user photos and favorite pages. The Facebook Follow Buttons lets other people follow or subscribe to your public updates and is professionally integrated into your WordPress. No Javascript, jQuery, or Ajax is used in this plugin making it free of conflicts or errors.

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