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Degrees That Make Up the Top One Percent of Income Earnings


College Majors At The Top Income Bracket

Looking for a degree which will grant you longevity within your field of choice in addition to earning a great salary? Take a look at the majors of the top 1% of earners.

Your major definitely has a major influence on the potential income you can make in the future. However, money may not be one of your primary reasons for choosing a major. Everyone should follow their dreams and ultimately have a career in a field in which their passionate about. Just keep in mind that as you progress further within your field and learn that advancement within your field is limited this may not be a worthwhile career choice thereafter.

This is why many people ultimately decide to go back to school to further their education within a field that yields more monetary results. Although it may not be initially about the money, with the growing interest rate placed on college loans people need to be able to maintain their household expenses as well as all the financial debt that they incurred as a result of attending college.

Plan Your Career Ahead of Time

So, while you’re a junior and definitely as a senior in high school think long and hard about your future and where your choices may ultimately lead you. While filling out your college application keep in mind not only your future but the future of your family as well. Remember one day you will have to support and provide for people other than yourself and this may be more difficult with a limited income. So, choose a major with career options that would both make you happy and have you feeling satisfied and fulfilled in life. This will lessen your chances of returning to a college or university to major in a field which is drastically opposite of what you initially obtained your degree in.

Which Careers Pay The Most

Since so many people attend colleges and universities today to obtain degrees, degrees alone are not a marketable as they once were. Attending a college or university is an investment in your future. So, let’s take a deeper look into the majors which yield the greatest return on investment. Pharmaceutical Sciences and Administration is the highest paid major with approximately 334,016 of people earning an average rate of $105,000 a year. Chemical engineering lags slowly behind Pharmaceutical Sciences and Administration with median earnings amounting to $86,000 a year.

Want to know which majors yield the lowest yearly income? Health and Medical Preparatory Programs as well as Area, Ethics, and Civilization Studies earn yearly median incomes totally $40,000 and $45,000 respectively.

Keep in mind that not everyone chooses a major based on the amount of money they would be able to potentially make in the future. For those that are a bit confused and between two anticipated majors, take a look at majors which yield the largest salaries because it may influence you to choose one major over another.

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